Signs That You Probably Need to Visit the Dentist

The trouble with most dental health issues is that, unlike a small cut or the common cold, problems with your oral health don’t typically resolve themselves. Dental diseases are usually progressive, and protecting your oral health depends on prompt action to halt the disease and repair any dental damage. When trouble does occur, many patients… Read more »

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Still a Thing

By the time many people reach their late teens and early twenties, they’ve already begun to grow their last four molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth. Unlike the other 28 permanent teeth, wisdom teeth are frequently extracted because there’s little room for them to erupt on the dental ridge. Their penchant for causing trouble and… Read more »

Erasing Embarrassing Teeth Stains

Have your teeth lost their characteristic shine and glimmer? Are they marred by visible staining that detracts from your smile’s natural beauty? It’s okay; it happens to nearly everyone at some point in their lives. Unlike cavities or gum disease, teeth stains occur even if you successfully keep your teeth clean and disease-free. Also unlike… Read more »

Why Some People Chronically Grind Their Teeth

You may not realize it as you occasionally grind your teeth together, but the habit of doing so could be a potentially serious dental issue. Most people clench their jaws and grit their teeth when under extreme pressure or physical strain, or when experiencing a strong negative emotion, like anger. However, many people chronically grind… Read more »

Gum Disease and Dental Implants

As the most common cause of adult tooth loss and the most comprehensive option for replacing lost teeth, gum disease and dental implants can highly influence each other. Patients with severe gum disease are the most frequent patients to lose teeth; however, the condition can complicate their ability to replace those lost teeth with lifelike… Read more »

What Nature’s Teeth Can Teach Us

Did you know that, besides diamonds, the enamel around your teeth is the most resilient, naturally-occurring substance on earth? This may surprise people who already know that tooth enamel is also as brittle as glass. Its unique construction has spurred NASA scientists to study its molecular formation as inspiration for the next wave of air… Read more »

A Close Look at TMJ Disorder

Many patients endure for years under the constant hindrance of chronic aches and pains. Often, unsuccessful diagnosis and treatment can add stress to the discomfort. Many people are surprised to learn that headaches, earaches, neck soreness, and shoulder pains (among many others) are the result of a jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. Though the… Read more »