What is a dental checkup? What is commonly included?

How often get dental check up?

Do you want to prevent ongoing oral health threats, the kind that could leave you suffering from discomfort and even downright pain? Want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for years to come? If so, regular dental care is absolutely essential. Cleanings help to remove tartar buildup, which could otherwise cause cavities. Seeking restorative dentistry, as needed, can also help to prevent painful infections and even the need for extraction. So, if you care about the healthy of your smile, make sure you are seeing the dentist as often as is needed.

When Was the Last Time You Had a Cleaning?

Many people don’t realize that most dentists recommend visiting for checkups and cleanings at least twice a year. For patients currently struggling with gingivitis, or those prone to developing cavities, even more frequent visits may be necessary to properly protect the teeth and gums.

Are You Experiencing Symptoms of Problems?

Another reason to see the dentist as soon as possible is if you suspect you could be struggling from a dental problem, such as a cavity or even a chip or crack. Many dental problems create noticeable symptoms, such as heightened sensitivity, discomfort or even discoloration that could be indication that the enamel has been damaged. However, after trauma intrinsic damage could also be present. It’s best to seek restorative treatment quickly after an injury involving the smile, or if you suspect you could have another problem, so that restorative action can be taken. The sooner the teeth are addressed, the less likely extensive treatment will become necessary.

Want to Prevent Problems?

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