A Close Look at TMJ Disorder

Many patients endure for years under the constant hindrance of chronic aches and pains. Often, unsuccessful diagnosis and treatment can add stress to the discomfort. Many people are surprised to learn that headaches, earaches, neck soreness, and shoulder pains (among many others) are the result of a jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. Though the… Read more »

What’s Really Behind Your Toothache?

Given their role in everything from processing your food to enunciating your words, your teeth go through a lot every day. Though they’re the covered in the most resilient substance your body produces (enamel), your teeth are not indestructible. If you haven’t already, then you may have to deal with a toothache at some point… Read more »

A Few Things to Know About Oral Cancer Detection

When you think of preventing dental issues through regular exams and cleanings, the issues that come to mind may most likely be tooth decay and gum disease. However, your routine preventive visits also include a vitally important screening for oral cancer.  Though oral cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer, it is… Read more »

How Should You Handle Tooth Loss?

If you’ve never experienced tooth loss as an adult, then the best way to handle your risks of it is to keep your smile healthy through consistently good hygiene and regular preventive dental care. If you have lost a tooth, however, then the best way to handle it is to replace the tooth as soon… Read more »

Worrisome Truths About Gum Disease

Even if you aren’t currently undergoing treatment to control gum disease, it might still be an impending threat to your oral health. As one of the most frequently-experienced dental issues, gum disease can affect nearly anyone at some point in their lives. Without proper care and maintenance, and a healthy understanding of its causes and… Read more »

Options for Fixing a Cracked Tooth

When you crack a tooth, it usually hurts enough to make visiting your dentist an obvious priority. However, not all cracked teeth are immediately painful, and if you neglect to fix one, it can quickly become even more severely damaged. The good news is that, if you maintain a regular schedule of checkups and cleanings,… Read more »

Think You Want Veneers? Schedule A Consultation!

If you begin researching porcelain veneers, you will most likely discover that you fall in love with the beautiful finish they provide. You will be amazed at how natural they look. You may even discover that you would love to consider veneers for your own smile, particularly if you’re experiencing a variety of esthetic problems… Read more »

Teeth Spaces: What Can I Do?

Do you take a look at your smile and feel a little bit down about the fact that you have gaps between your teeth? Maybe they’re small spaces. Perhaps you have always just imagined you have skinny teeth but now that you think about it, it might actually be the fact that there’s a bit… Read more »