Make Sure Teeth-Whitening Works Before Doing It

If you’ve ever tried an over-the-counter teeth-whitening product, then you might already recognize that the biggest benefit of professional treatment is that it works. Unlike OTC options, professional teeth-whitening is comprised of highly potent but safe whitening gel that effectively breaks up stains while brightening your teeth. In addition to better results, however, professional teeth-whitening… Read more »

Choosing the Best Dental Bridge for You

Like all dental restorations, a dental bridge is tailored to your unique needs and preferences. The highly lifelike dental prosthesis is made to replace a lost tooth in a way that restores your smile’s appearance and your bite’s function without being obvious. Therefore, the replacement tooth (or pontic) and the crowns that support it must… Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Erase Tooth Discoloration?

When teeth become stained, they’re appearance is often more serious than the condition itself. That’s because most common teeth stains, which develop on the surfaces of your teeth, are merely remnants of things like your food and beverages. They can typically be erased quickly and conveniently with professional teeth-whitening treatment. However, in some cases, your… Read more »

What You Need to Know to Cure Bad Breath

When your breath is noticeably bad, it can be a seemingly endless source of embarrassment. When your bad breath doesn’t go away, that embarrassment can turn into worry about what may be causing your condition. While bad breath is sometimes no big deal (such as after eating onions or garlic), chronic bad breath – also… Read more »

What Is Gum Recession, and Why Worry About It?

When they’re healthy, your gums are usually barely noticeable compared to the rest of your smile. However, when they’re uneven or starting to recede, their deteriorating appearance can quickly become a cause of concern. Known as gum recession, the separation of your gums from your teeth can result from a number of different underlying issues,… Read more »

Why Gum Disease Affects More than You Think

As one of the most common chronic dental concerns, gum disease is well-known for the trouble it can cause your oral health. As it progresses, gum disease destroys the structures that support and sustain your teeth (your gums and jawbone structure), making it the leading cause of adult tooth loss. However, fewer people are aware… Read more »

How Dental Implants Address Tooth Loss

The most obvious effects of tooth loss are the way the missing teeth affect your smile’s appearance. Though less obvious, your bite’s function also suffers due to the imbalance. In most cases, a custom-designed bridge, partial, or complete denture can easily address those concerns. However, there are more issues with missing teeth that have a… Read more »

3 Things Your Bruxism Treatment Might Include

Bruxism is the chronic grinding of your teeth, often at night, and for many patients, it can be the source of numerous forms of discomfort and dental health symptoms. Fortunately, patients can typically save their smiles by treating their condition as soon as possible with help from their dentist. Today, we take a look at… Read more »