How to Choose the Best Chicago Cosmetic Dentist for you

best Chicago cosmetic dentist

Do you want your new dentistry to look like natural teeth? Nothing pleases us more than being able to create crowns and veneers that look like this. Every tooth you see in this smile is carefully crafted porcelain. If you want a natural smile, come to the best Chicago cosmetic dentist.

How do you find the best Chicago Cosmetic Dentist?

Are you trusting your smile to just anybody? If you need cosmetic work, can you trust your neighborhood general dentist to do it? For many, trusting anybody other than a great cosmetic specialist can be a difficult decision to make. The success of porcelain veneers or of a complete smile makeover hinges on the experience and skill of the doctor. Protect yourself against lackluster results and failed treatments by choosing the best dentist you can find.

The American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty; therefore, any general dentist can perform cosmetic procedures. There are no specific titles for cosmetic dentists to distinguish themselves as having higher education or experience. Here are some ways you can decide for yourself which dentist can offer you the best results.

A good Chicago cosmetic dentist will have before and after images

Look through the before and after pictures of cosmetic procedures of every doctor you might go to. Good photographic skills are required to do cosmetic dentistry. Dentists use pictures for treatment planning. Pictures will instantly show the talent of the doctor. Examine the before and after pictures of other patients with similar cosmetic issues to the ones you would like to correct. Taking note of before and after treatment examples which match your smile imperfections can help you determine if your results will be satisfactory. There are many so called cosmetic dentists in Chicago but,  why not try to find the best one for you.

Read patient testimonials for the doctor

Previous cosmetic dentistry patients can often tell you more than just the results of their procedure. Testimonials and treatment stories can explain what to expect during the procedure, the nature of the practice, and the quality of customer service. Hearing another patient’s point of view is often the best insight into how you will be treated as a patient.

Study credentials of the dentist

Look for specific training in cosmetic dentistry procedures or certifications in advanced methods. A dentist’s biography page can provide information about his or her education and sometimes a mission statement. Memberships with cosmetic dentistry organizations, fellowships, and examples of higher education are signs of a good cosmetic dentist. If you are evaluating academic credentials, ask for a list of published articles.

Honestly, there is one best way to get the scoop on how good an dentist is. Ask other dental specialists. Not physicians, but rather ask gum specialists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and even root canal specialists. They see the work of all the restorative dentists in the area. Call around to these specialist’s offices. Ask the doctors and their staffs who the best Chicago cosmetic dentist is. Sometimes you have to drive farther to see the best.

Ask your dentist plenty of questions

Interview your dentist. At a consultation or second opinion, do not be shy about sharing your specific needs. Ask lots of questions about your options. Make sure that the doctor feels that what you want is the best for you. A great cosmetic expert is prepared to answer these questions. They can talk about other clients that had the treatment and what they experienced. They can explain how the procedures go and give you a sense as to how long the cosmetic treatment will take. A good dentist can help you develop a treatment plan with compassion and understanding.

Get the best second opinion you can find

Do you have problems with your teeth? Do you to hide from cameras or hide your smile? Dr. James Fondriest understands that a crooked smile, stained teeth, or an embarrassing gap can cause you to hide your true self. Consider all of your options when seeking to achieve your smile’s true potential. We invite you to explore all that this website has to offer. Perhaps you will discover who is considered by many in dentistry who is the best Chicago cosmetic dentist. Contact our office at 847-234-0517 to schedule a consult.

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