Feel confident about your smile

Porcelain Veneers for a Great Smile

As you enter the holiday season, are you feeling a bit insecure about showing off your smile? Holiday parties and family get-togethers are great for catching up with one’s friends and family. Unfortunately, this quality time together can also heighten insecurities about one’s teeth.

Fortunately, noticeable imperfections, such as deep staining, discoloration, or disproportionate teeth, can all be corrected with nice dentistry. Even minor gaps between teeth can be effectively hidden with bonding or veneers. So, this year, if you are ready to enjoy the confidence that comes from a beautiful smile, now is a great time to talk with your cosmetic dentist about how bonding, crowns or veneers could be the solution for you!

Veneers Can Provide Comprehensive Cosmetic Improvements

Unlike many other forms of cosmetic treatment, veneers are not just designed with one problem in mind. They can actually help to correct a host of issues related to the size, shape and even shade of your teeth.

So whether disproportionately shaped or sized teeth are your biggest cause of concern, you have suffered from intrinsic or permanent staining that whitening treatment can’t address, or you’re hoping to hide minor gaps between some of your teeth, veneers make a viable option for hiding these imperfections.

The Unique Benefits of Porcelain

Plus, since dental porcelain is incredibly strong and stain resistant, the beautiful results of your porcelain veneers can be long lasting as well. In fact, many patients are able to enjoy their veneers for more than a decade, making porcelain veneers one of the most effective forms of smile enhancement available.

Hide Common Imperfections and Enjoy Long lasting Enhancements

Veneers are a popular form of cosmetic dentistry because of how comprehensively they can help to hide imperfections, and because of how long lasting the results can be. That is thanks to porcelain’s strength and stain resistance. In fact, therefore porcelain crowns are frequently recommended as restorative treatment.

Dentists can expertly craft bonding or natural looking veneers to hide many smile imperfections, such as permanent or intrinsic staining and even small gaps between teeth. Veneers can also help improve the symmetry and consistency of one’s smile, by correcting inconsistencies in the size or the shape of some of the teeth.

A Total Smile Makeover Could Be Ideal

Versatile as veneers are, determining which cosmetic treatment is right for you, or if a combination would actually be the best way to achieve your desired results, can best be done through a detailed consultation with your cosmetic dentist.

What would you do if you felt truly beautiful? How would your life change? For anyone that has ever felt self conscious because of his or her smile, it can be difficult to even imagine how much life could improve, if given the inner confidence that comes from having a dynamite smile. But cosmetic dentistry means you can do a lot more than dream about a more dazzling smile. You can achieve it! Tooth veneers are one of the fastest and most effective ways to deal with a great many cosmetic concerns, as well as to improve the overall appearance of your smile so you can do more important things than worry about the imperfections with your teeth. You can get back to living life to the fullest, excited to show off your beautiful smile!

How Veneers can Benefit Your Smile

Veneers can be used to correct many common smile issues with the teeth. And because dental porcelain is strong enough to be made incredibly thin, very little preparation must be done to your existing teeth to make huge changes in your smile. No-prep veneers can even be used in some cases, which require no filing of the teeth.

Another benefit of veneers is that they are naturally stain-resistant and chip proof, making them one of the longest lasting cosmetic treatment options available. It also explains why many dentists favor both the beauty and strength of porcelain dental crowns, when completing restorative treatments.

What Makes Veneers So Special?

Porcelain veneers, including no-prep veneers, are a comprehensive treatment option, because they can be used to effectively hide a whole host of imperfections including inconsistently sized teeth, such as those that seem unusually small, misshapen teeth, like those that are particularly jagged or even fang like. Veneers can even help to hide permanent staining, or minor gaps between the teeth (though functional alignment issues may require orthodontic treatment , instead).

Are Porcelain Veneers a Long-lasting Option?

Of course, another benefit of choosing porcelain veneers is that they can last for many years with beautiful and natural looking results. In fact, many patients are able to enjoy the benefits of veneers for more than ten years, with proper preventive care. That is thanks largely to the natural stain resistance of dental porcelain, which can be cared for similarly to natural tooth enamel.

Enjoy a Beautiful Smile with New Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about more dazzling and beautiful teeth? On the flip side, do you ever stare in the mirror wondering how much more confident you would feel, if only there weren’t visible flaws in your smile? Many people think the only way to address even minor, cosmetic alignment issues is with extensive orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, there are some cases where porcelain veneers can provide an effective alternative. They can also be used to hide permanent staining, disproportionately sized or shaped teeth, and many more imperfections. So if you’re tired of wishing your smile looked better, it is time to speak with a cosmetic dentist about what can be done to improve the beauty of your smile, and your confidence as well!