Professional Bleaching for maximum long term benefit

Professional Bleaching

Are you tired of seeing your dingy smile in photographs? In fact, has it reached the point that you no longer show your teeth when posing for “selfies” with friends, or even when you greet your coworkers in the morning? Discoloration, or deep staining, is a common complaint, especially as people age. In an attempt to remedy the issue, many people head to the drugstore or pharmacy for the kind of whitening products they’ve seen advertised on TV or in their favorite magazines. Sadly, many over-the-counter whitening options fail to produce the kind of dramatic results people want. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is a great alternative to over-the-counter products, and treatment from a cosmetic dentist can likely leave you with the kind of brighter and whiter smile you’ve long been wanting.

What Makes Professional Bleaching Treatment Different?

Many over-the-counter whitening products are designed to lighten smiles gradually, over extended periods of use. Whitening toothpastes, for instance, might be able to lighten teeth by a few shades after several months of use. Professional whitening, on the other hand, uses prescription-grade whitening agents to help break up surface stains and leave teeth looking noticeably whiter, often by eight shades or more in as little as a few weeks. For anyone seeking dramatic results, or hoping to achieve a whiter smile quickly, professional whitening is often a great option!

Are Your Teeth Healthy?

Before we offer cosmetic treatments, we typically suggest that you visit us with healthy teeth. If you are dealing with issues like gum disease or tooth decay, for instance, we will likely recommend that you restore your oral health before we move forward with cosmetic procedures.

Is Your Staining Medication Related?

Most stains are easily treatable with teeth whitening. Patients often worry that the cause of their discoloration is not something we can address with this cosmetic dentistry treatment. If your discoloration is deep or is the result of certain medications, this may be the case. We will need to examine your smile to make a final determination regarding candidacy. Fortunately, whitening improves discoloration caused by most factors, including tobacco use, natural aging, and consuming staining foods and drinks like red wine and coffee.

Does Your Smile Display Prosthetics?

We can only whiten your natural teeth – not your prosthetics. If the part of your smile you are wishing to whiten includes veneers, dental crowns, a bridge, or other prosthetics, we will need to speak with you about creating an alternative care plan to improve your smile’s brightness.

How Else Can a Dentist Help Improve Your Smile?

Of course, there are other benefits of seeking treatment from a cosmetic dentist, as well. For instance, is the cause of some of your teeth’s discoloration is determined to be permanent, cosmetic bonding is another fast and effective way of addressing the staining. It uses composite resin sculpted onto the teeth to help hide any intrinsic or permanent discoloration.

Does Your Smile Professional Bleaching?

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