Keep a healthy smile with these simple tips

Protectr your healthy smile

Did you vow to take better care of your teeth and gums this year? If so, how is your commitment to that resolution going? If you feel you’ve lost steam, or simply feel unsure that you’re really doing all you can to protect your healthy smile, the great news is that preventive care can be surprisingly simple! You just need to consistently make healthy choices to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. That includes being smart about what you eat and drink, keeping a diligent hygiene routine, and finally, seeing your dentist regularly for key preventive care!

Brush and Floss Every Single Day for the Healthy Smile

While most adults do brush their teeth twice a day, not all do so as effectively as possible. To maximize the effectiveness of this simple act make sure you are using gentle, circular motions, and that you are brushing for at least two minutes each time. Most dentists recommend using a non abrasive toothpaste, one that carries the American Dental Association’s seal of approval.

You should be brushing in the morning, either when you first wake up or after you have eaten breakfast, and then again in the evening shortly before you go to bed. Using an electric toothbrush often can up your game by brushing away plaque and food. This helps to minimize how much time your teeth spend in contact with bacteria that can lead to acidic erosion and even gum disease.

Of course, flossing is also important to keeping the smile healthy. It should be done at least once a day to help keep tartar buildup at bay. Not sure if you’re flossing correctly? The ADA has provided a helpful flossing instructional video, which can be viewed online. Of course, your oral health depends on not only your hygiene but also your genetic factors.

Environmental factors interplay with dental genetic risk

As someone interested in keeping your smile healthy, you may have already taken several steps to help prevent dental cavities and other oral health threats. But, do you still wonder if there is more you could be doing to keep your smile healthy? While daily hygiene is a good start to keeping the smile healthy, there are other simple steps you can take to protect against cavities and other common dental problems. From watching what you eat and just as importantly drink, to seeing the dentist regularly for key preventive care, are you doing all you can to protect your smile?

Drink More Water and Consume Less Sugar

Another great way to protect your healthy smile is to limit how much sugar you are consuming on a regular basis. Too much sugar can lead to rapid tartar buildup since the bacteria in the mouth feed upon sugars.

While cutting back on obvious sweets can help, it’s also important to read the labels on any packaged foods or drinks, since many contain surprisingly high levels of sugar. Try to stick to items that don’t list sugar in any form, such as honey, molasses, agave, or sucrose.

Water is a smile healthy choice because it helps the body produce saliva, which naturally prevents plaque’s ability to stick to the surface of teeth. Therefore, drinking water throughout the day can actually help you avoid cavities and other dental problems, while also keeping your body properly hydrated.

See Your Dentist At Least Twice a Year

Of course, no amount of dental hygiene or healthy eating is an excuse to skip out on regular preventive checkups and cleanings. These visits are essential to prolong oral health and a healthy smile. So, make sure you see your dentist at least twice a year to have your smile examined and your teeth, gums, and tongue properly cleaned. This can greatly reduce your chance of developing cavities as well as other dental problems, including infection and gum disease.

Maintain that healthy smile with regular preventive treatment

Preventive dentistry is key to keeping the smile healthy. You can call us today at 847-234-0517 to schedule your next checkup and cleaning.