Treatment Examples

Cosmetic Dentistry Before and after gallery:  Before and after examples of recent cases with descriptions of the patient agendas, clinical considerations and the services provided.


LIKE PLASTIC SURGERY, cosmetic dentistry is based in science but significantly expresses itself as an artistic discipline. Clients have unique needs and goals. Every individual’s vision of “beautiful” is different, and each of the finished cases featured in this portfolio has variations in the amounts of tooth contour, texture, brightness, and translucency based on each patient’s preferences. The Before and After image section on our site has been developed with high magnification and clarity to appeal to future patients and a worldwide dentist audience.  We also employ these sections to help our existing patients that are currently undergoing care to decide on how they want their smile to look. We have specifically chosen a wide range of “looks” or smile styles to give you an idea of what others have chosen for themselves. Many of the photographs throughout this website are of finished smiles that have been purposely taken from a side view.  This has been done so that you can better see  how light reflects off of our porcelain.  This gives you a chance to really see what craftsmanship can be achieved by the world class laboratory technician partnerships that Dr. Fondriest has invested in.

The “Cosmetic Design” that our patients frequently choose

We know that every client has unique needs and goals. We find that most of our clients like a natural look but want the fresher or younger version.  This usually means, “make my new teeth look real but make them just a little bit brighter and straighter with fewer blemishes”.

Please enjoy our treatment examples:

 ALL PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES featured on this website were artistically photographed by Dr Fondriest.  

No images have been purchased. All clincial images are of patients of Dr. James Fondriest

No smiles or the actual closeup appearance of any of the dental implants, crowns, or porcelain veneers have been digitally or falsely altered.