Artistic Smile Design | Digital Planning for Cosmetic Dentistry

Artistic Smile Design process

The planning process for cosmetic dental procedures is called artistic smile design. It is a mutual sharing of treatment options based on stated patient desires and expectations.

Dentistry with a genuine artistic replication of nature

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, patients want different things based on their unique preferences. However, one thing is certain: Most individuals desire dramatic results that still look natural. Artistic smile design refers to the treatment planning process for cosmetic dentistry. We define it as a mutual sharing of treatment options based on a patient’s unique desires and expectations. On the dental side, there is an artistic component and a mathematically based planning process called digital smile design.

Dr. James Fondriest is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the country. He runs a full-time private practice that specializes in comprehensive aesthetic restorative dentistry. He is also a nationally-recognized speaker and dental educator.

What Is Involved in an Artistic Smile Design?

Artistic smile design involves much more than just whitening someone’s teeth and putting on braces. When you decide to improve your smile, we will invite you to share your dreams, desires, and expectations with us. To help you get your desired results we strive to fully develop and understand your goals. In the sections below, we will explore the general steps of the smile design planning process.

Before: This Highland Park patient wanted a brighter healthier smile. She hated the black lines on her crowns at the gumline and the varied unnatural look to the existing crown work. Her floss would shred on her poorly fitting dentistry.

Before: This Highland Park patient hated the black lines on her crowns at the gumline and the varied unnatural look of the existing crownwork. Her floss would shred on her poorly fitting dentistry.

Initial Consultation- The Interview

To identify your goals, a comprehensive interview is performed. We listen to your dental history. We want to know if there were any bad experiences that you want to avoid. There is an old saying in medicine that “our patients are their own best doctors”. This means that you above us know what issues are most important to you. We want to know your fears and limitations.

The Clinical Information Gathering Process

Artistic smile design includes documenting facial asymmetries, lip drape, and movement patterns with clinical photography and videography. The facial mask is essentially a picture frame for the smile. This frame can be altered, just as your teeth, gums, and jaws can. By taking all elements into consideration, we can provide comprehensive results that are truly personalized.

Treatment Planning | Digital Smile design

Once the documentation process is complete, the clinical images are uploaded into our specialty software program for analysis. This sophisticated digital smile design process requires many hundreds of hours of supplemental training. Most cosmetic dentists or prosthodontists do not have this cosmetic training.

If your dentist has this training, the photographic documentation of your lips, facial symmetry, and natural mouth movements, will be more thoroughly evaluated. The photos are assessed digitally and compared with anatomical averages. The variations will be used to create more and more creative treatment options.

After: We provided a mixture of crowns bridges and veneers for her. She took an active role in exactly how they were going to look.

After: We provided a mixture of crowns bridges and porcelain veneers for her. She took an active role in exactly how they were going to look.

The mathematically based planning process of digital smile design

There are established natural averages to facial and dental proportions. Just as an orthodontist uses ranges of normal, we use these averages as guidelines to compare them to your dental anatomy. In this way, he can ensure that your smile enhances your facial proportions and contours. Any variation gives us an opportunity to suggest possible treatment.

Many cosmetically impactful options cannot be performed in our office but rather are done by other specialists. If we do not offer the treatment your require, we will refer you to a trusted specialist in the area. We will work alongside them throughout the process.

Discussion of Possible Solutions

First, all of your treatment options are established during the artistic smile design process. Then we strive to present solutions to you with clear communication and transparency. By fully exploring your options, you can make a better -informed decision.

Each client varies in their schedule, temperament, motivation, level of hygiene, and planned financial investment. More importantly, doctors try to match a plan with the clients willingness to hold out for the ideal. With a gentle touch, we strive to help all of our patients determine a customized artistic plan that will fit their specific needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Treatment Planning for Dental Implants and the subsequent Restorations

Before placing a dental implant, thorough treatment planning is essential. Doing so can help your dentist determine exactly where the implant will be placed and which type of implant will deliver the most optimal results.

It is also important that the surgeon and restorative dentist have a close working relationship. Hopefully they employ the newest x-ray techniques and planning software. A dental CT scan is usually taken during the initial consultation. This special x-ray provides a 3-D radiographic representation of the jawbone and surrounding oral landmarks.

When planning for implants, it is very important to know where the nerves and sinuses are. The restorative dentist will work with the surgeon to decide where best to place the implants. If any bone grafting needs to be performed, that will be planned also. Grafting is used to improve strength, aesthetics, or long-term predictability of the final restoration.

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When looking for an accomplished artistic doctor for your dental cosmetic treatments, consider one who teaches on the subject and has written many articles on restorative dentistry. No matter what type of treatment you require, pre-planning through artistic smile design is essential to achieve that beautiful smile. To schedule your personalized consultation, contact us online or give us a call at 847-234-0517.

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