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We wish to show you what can be accomplished currently in the world of cosmetic and prosthodontic dentistry.  So much of the existing dentistry we see in our incoming patients mouths appears fake and stands out.  Our goal is to make our work close to invisible or “Believably Natural Dentistry”.  Please enjoy reading about the new techniques and materials available and be sure to get a good look at the photographic examples of the dental work we have personally done on our patients.  None of the images on this site are borrowed or purchased from other dentists.  All of the images were taken and shared with written permission by each of these patients.  No images have been manipulated.

Many of the post treatment images shared on this site have been purposely taken from the side. This allows you to see the reflections off of our restorations and will allow you to better see the subtleties of detail that our laboratory partners put into our restorations, all in an attempt to truly recreate nature.

Implant crown

Implant crowns can be just like natural teeth