Pankey Scholarship

Dr. Fondriest is one of 48 Pankey Scholars in the world.

new pin [Converted]In 2002, Dr. Fondriest achieved the distinction of becoming one of the first Pankey Scholars. Only 48 dentists in the world have been so recognized since. The Pankey Scholar designation is very special. After completing the full Post-graduate curriculum offered by the internationally respected Pankey Institute, the candidates go through a rigorous process that challenges each candidate to demonstrate an exceptional level of practice.  It is rare for dentists to be objectively evaluated in their own office under normal clinical conditions by another dentist/s.  The Pankey Scholar program offers a hands-on in office evaluation of a dentist’s treatment planning, patient interviewing skills, clinical outcomes, and various other ethical considerations.  The visiting mentor/s then offers insights and guidance for future growth and development.

D. Fondriest has maintained ties to the Pankey Institute not only as a senior faculty member but also as a mentor for the Pankey Scholar candidates. He offers his expertise in advanced prosthodontics to his students.

“The Pankey Scholar program is intended for those who desire to continue their development by demonstrating the level they have achieved in philosophical understanding and application of behavioral relations with patients, staff, and others and clinical competency. The journey of professional development culminating in this achievement creates growth as a dental leader and teacher. Mentoring patients, staff, and colleagues to higher levels of health and fulfillment will come naturally.”

—Irwin Becker, DDS, Chairman of Education Emeritus
L.D. Pankey Institute