Winning Smile | Do you want one?

girl with winning smile

Are you a fiercely competitive person, when on a court, field, or in any other athletic arena? If so, you probably know how great it feels to net a win. Well, when it comes to having a winning smile, the great news is that there are super simple habits you can and should develop to keep your teeth in tip top shape. Best of all, good oral care can help keep your whole body healthy!

Make Sure Your Daily Hygiene Routine Is Sufficient

Daily tooth brushing is important to keeping your teeth cavity free, and your gums healthy. However, flossing is also essential to maintaining great oral health. That is because brushing regularly leaves bacteria and food particles behind, stuck between teeth where the toothbrush’s bristles are unable to reach.

Flossing, however, is able to reach between the teeth, helping to remove more harmful plaque bacteria.Brushing your teeth is important, of course, but you should also be flossing at least once a day. This only takes a few minutes, and when gums are healthy it shouldn’t cause any discomfort or pain. In fact, if you notice bleeding when flossing it is likely because your gums are already inflamed, due to bacteria. A dental cleaning is likely in order.

Drink More Water for a Winning Smile

Another great way to protect your winning smile – and your overall health – is by drinking water throughout each day. Water helps to gently rinse teeth clean, and helps the body produce saliva. Saliva limits plaque’s ability to stick to the surface of the teeth. Plus, your whole body needs water to function properly.

Another perk of drinking more water is that it means you’re less likely to reach for sugary beverages like sodas, sweetened teas, and even many sports drinks and smoothies, which can increase risk of developing cavities.

Chew On Healthy Foods

Speaking of healthy options, your diet should be filled with nutrient-rich ingredients which can help keep your smile, and your body, healthy. This should include lots of vegetables and fruits, plus lean sources of protein and healthy fats.

What your diet doesn’t need is lots of sugar, in any form. So stick to products with limited sugar, to keep your smile looking its best.

For a Winning Smile, See the Dentist Regularly

Healthy habits can help protect your winning smile. You need to see the dentist at least twice a year for dental cleanings. Regular dental checkups and cleanings help remove plaque that has hardened onto teeth, where it can lead to acidic erosion and also gum irritation, if unaddressed.

Routine dental visits are also essential to keeping the teeth and gums healthy for the long-term. Most patients need to visit the dentist twice a year to adequately prevent oral health issues.

However, if you have been diagnosed with gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, or have struggled with frequent cavities in the past, your dentist may actually recommend more frequent visits to help clean the teeth and properly protect the gums. In some cases, periodontal therapy may also be recommended to help restore the gums health, in the case of inflammation or infection, as are common with gingivitis.

Keep Your Smile Shining, with a Healthy Winning Smile

Daily hygiene is helpful at limiting plaque’s ability to calcify onto teeth. Once tartar  develops on your teeth, they are harder for you to clean. The tartar or calculus holds even more plaque. The buildup of bacteria causes an increase of acidity and inflammation. It is the acidity that causes cavities and inflammation that creates gum disease.

Unfortunately, these simple steps are rarely enough to prevent all dental issues on their own. Instead, most patients require twice annual dental cleanings, to keep their smiles healthy. During a checkup and cleaning, the dentist will remove any calcified tartar from the surface of teeth. You will also be checked for potential problems such as gum issues or cavities. These are just two examples of common dental problems, as well as compelling reasons to seek regular preventive care.

Hoping to Prevent Dental Problems and earn a winning smile?

If you want a winning smile, schedule your dental care with a dentist that also specializes in cosmetic treatment. As the dentist would also be able to recommend cosmetic procedures to address any esthetic issues that might be causing you insecurity.

Preventive dental treatment helps keep the teeth and gums healthy. You can schedule a preventive visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from the North Shore area of Chicago.