When you don’t see a dentist

When you don't see a dentist

Ever wondered what would happen when you don’t see a dentist regularly? In other words, have you ever felt tempted to skip out on routine preventive visits with your general dentist? If so, there are many compelling reasons to reconsider. General dental appointments are key to maintaining a healthy smile, particularly as one ages. From cavities to gum disease, and even tooth loss, there are many things that can go wrong when routine dental care is ignored.

Cavities Are Likely

One of the most likely issues to develop, if a person regularly skips out on dental checkups and cleanings, is cavities. Cavities occur when plaque buildup leads to acidic erosion, which can cause the teeth’s interior to become exposed.

Because this layer is more sensitive than the enamel, discomfort is common when a cavity has begun. Eventually, if untreated, cavities can progress to the point of painful tooth infections, which would require root canal therapy to address, or worse, an extraction.

Gum Disease Could Develop When you Don’t See a Dentist

Another unfortunately common oral health threat is gum disease, which is actually a chronic condition that can impact one’s whole body, beyond just the smile. Gum disease develops when the gums have become irritated and inflamed by bacteria. Over time, this can lead to recession of the gum tissue, and eventually tooth loss. It can also spread infection to other parts of the body.

Eventually Tooth Loss Is Common when you don’t see a dentist

To avoid tooth loss, or the need for extraction, preventive appointments are key. That said, even restorative treatment performed when an issue has just developed, can help to lessen the likelihood that extensive measures – like extraction – will become necessary.

Do You Need Preventive Dentistry?

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