Are dental implants safe? What is the success rate?

Are dental implants safe?

Are dental implants safe? Yes, they are super successful also. While there is no procedure in medicine and dentistry that is 100%, implant fixtures are very unlikely to have problems. The success rate in the lower jaw is 98% and 96% in the upper jaw. Implant dentists are constantly balancing the great benefits of implant fixtures against the possibility of failure. Prosthetic dentistry exists to help patients rebound from tooth loss with beautiful and functional smiles.

Do you remember the excitement you felt the first time you lost a tooth as a child? You were likely anxious to tell everyone you knew about reaching such an important rite of passage. Of course, you might have also been excited about the arrival of the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, as an adult the emotions one experiences with tooth loss are rarely celebratory. In most cases, they are a mixture of frustration, embarrassment and concern.
Dental prostheses like dental implants make it possible to rebound from that loss, though, with beautiful and comfortable results. So you can smile confidently again, and just as importantly chew comfortably.

What Prosthetic Options Are Currently Available?

While dentures are one of the most common ways of addressing tooth loss, for many patients bridges and implants are more secure and therefore more appealing options. That’s because they are both able to provide more stability than unsupported dentures.

Porcelain bridges do this by using crowns affixed to remaining teeth to help hold a prosthesis like a partial denture in place. Implants use a biocompatible piece to mimic the role of a healthy tooth root. These are placed through oral surgery, during which a dentist can place the mimic root into the jaw. The bone and soft tissues grow right around it. The process of bone growing and attaching itself to the implant is called osseointegration. An integrated implant will create a firm and stable base to which a fake tooth can be attached. Dental implants have become a very safe and ideal way of replacing teeth.

There are many ways in which replacing one or more missing teeth makes your smile better. It’s more attractive with a full set of teeth, and you can once again enjoy the foods you’ve always loved. However, compared to traditional prostheses, like dental bridges and dentures, dental implants go a few steps further in improving your smile.

Implants are a custom designed replacement for lost teeth roots and serve to support your prosthetic crown, bridge, or denture in the same way roots support your healthy teeth.

Dental implants are safe for smile makeovers

Dental implants are a safe way to support dental crowns in a smile makeover.

You can bite and chew more comfortably.

Custom bridges and dentures restore your ability to bite and chew by closely mimicking the size, shape, and contour of your natural teeth. By replacing your lost teeth, the right prosthesis restores the balance that your bite needs to function properly. With safe implant fixtures, your replacement teeth do so even more comfortably with lifelike support and stability, eliminating the risk of your denture or bridge slipping.

Your jawbone stays strong and youthful looking.

Dental bridges are excellent alternatives to dental implants but they don’t stimulate the jaw bone the same way. When you bite and chew, your teeth roots stimulate your jawbone so that your body sends it enough nutrients. When you lose a tooth root, this stimulation diminishes, and so do the nutrients your jawbone receives. Very often the oral surgeon will do bone grafting to replace the bone loss before placing the fixture. The fixture reestablishes this stimulation so that your jawbone doesn’t lose any of its strength and density, helping it retain its healthy and youthful appearance.

Your dental implants are not only safe but can last for life

Once your implants have been placed, your jawbone heals to their surfaces, making the permanently a part of your jawbone. This improves the function and stability of your replacement teeth. With proper care and maintenance, they will have excellent oral health for life

Find Out if You Qualify

Dental implants don’t just replace missing teeth safely; they can also make your smile better looking and healthier in the long run.

Do you have missing teeth? Are you wondering how you should begin your consumer research about replacing them? While they are excellent way to replace a missing tooth, there are also several alternatives to dental implants. One of the best alternatives are dental bridges.

Update an Ill fitting Prostheses

Even if you already have a prosthesis, like an unsupported denture, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for it, if it doesn’t feel comfortable or inspire confidence when you chew. Both dental implants and dental bridges can both be used to update ill-fitting prostheses and to create better stability.

For Longevity and Security, Consider a Safe Dental Implant

Implants provide even more security, though, and that is because they rely on a titanium post to help stabilize a replacement tooth, partial or even full denture. The posts are used to mimic healthy tooth roots, both in their stabilization of replacement teeth and in supplying nutrients to the jaw. This makes dental implants the most secure but also the most long-lasting form of smile completion since they can actually prevent shrinkage of the jaw that often occurs after tooth loss.

Today’s dental implant procedures offer you a safe a secure smile

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