Warning signs of dental decay

Want to Avoid Increasing Dental Pain?

Are you concerned that the minimal discomfort you have been feeling, could be due to an undiagnosed dental issue like a cavity? If so, you may already be having difficulty chewing comfortably. Over time, that minor toothache can worsen to the point of extensive pain, if unaddressed, that is. The good news is that modern dental restorations are made to feel comfortable and look natural, allowing you to do more important things than worry about your teeth, like enjoy your meals and smile confidently.

Don’t Ignore the Earliest Warnings of Dental Decay

When it comes to the smile, it’s important to pay attention to any changes that could be warning signs of dental decay. The sooner you seek treatment at signs of trouble, the more likely you are to be able to enjoy a minimally invasive restoration.

When cavities are caught and treated quickly with modern restorative dentistry, for instance, dental fillings can help to protect the teeth against further erosion, and also hide staining caused by the cavity. The filling also helps improve comfort, by eliminating exposure of the interior of the tooth to the bacteria that could cause pain.

Enjoy Improved Comfort and Confidence with a Modern Restoration

Plus, modern restorations can provide cosmetic benefits, too. Tooth-colored fillings, for instance, are made of a composite resin material that not only bonds well with teeth, it can be carefully crafted to look natural and sit nearly seamlessly within the smile. These fillings also conduct less heat than the metal amalgam fillings that were once most common, creating better comfort for most patients, particularly any with metal sensitivities.

Don’t Delay Dental Treatment

In order to enjoy the benefits of restorative dental treatment, without spending months or even years experiencing or ignoring the warning signs of decay, it is important to seek dental care at the first warning of trouble. This could include heightened sensitivity, visible discoloration that could indicate enamel erosion, and especially discomfort.

Of course, anytime you are involved in an accident involving your smile, it is also important to schedule a dental visit. That is because, damage can be done intrinsically when the teeth are hit or knocked, even if no wear is visible.

Don’t Keep Suffering With Growing Discomfort

If you have already noticed heightened sensitivity or growing discomfort related to a tooth, it could likely be due to a dental problem, such as a cavity, a chip, or even a crack. Infections can also form within teeth, often creating noticeable even debilitating pain.

If caught early, the good news is that a crown can help to protect the tooth from further damage. It also helps to prohibit further exposure to bacteria, which can cause discomfort, but could also lead to an infection.

In Need of Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry can help protect teeth made fragile by decay or other issues. You can schedule a restorative consultation with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from the North Shore area of Chicago.