Teeth Whitening Problems and Considerations

Teeth Whitening Problems

The only thing better than enjoying bleached teeth is figuring out how to keep them bright. Since your teeth will remain vulnerable to staining over time, the goal is to prevent discoloration from occurring. How to do this, you wonder? Teeth whitening is not without it’s problems and considerations. Old restorations, tooth sensitivity, deep stains all cause teeth whitening problems. DIY home bleaching also has it’s problems.

There might be part of you that is extremely worried when it comes to your hopes and your dreams for a whiter smile. Yes, you know that you want this feature of yours to go from drab to dazzling. You also know that our Lake Forest, IL practice offers a comprehensive selection of cosmetic treatments for our patients. However, what you’re focused on at the moment is that though teeth whitening is a treatment we provide, you figure it just might not work for you because your smile issues are serious and might not make you the best candidate. Always remember: We can help!

You Want A Whiter Grin But…You Have Restorations

If what you really want is a whiter smile but you think that you probably won’t be able to make this happen, Even with professional care, if you have restorations like crowns, you will have teeth whitening problems. Crowns and other restorations will not brighten. It’s true that using home teeth whitening on your crowns might not make much of a difference. However, when the day comes that you want to brighten up your smile, we absolutely have paths that will lead you to that finish line. We can replace your existing restorations with new ones, in addition to bleaching your natural teeth or choosing veneers. In the end, your smile will be white and uniform!

Another teeth whitening problem…Your Deeper Stains

We hear from so many patients that they really want a whiter smile but their staining is so severe that they simply assume they will not qualify. It is quite possible that you won’t make a good candidate for teeth whitening. However, that only means that bleaching may not work to lift your stains. Of course, there are other ways to attain the grin you want. We offer porcelain veneers for beautiful coverage and a glowing smile. We offer cosmetic bonding. We provide porcelain crowns. We will take a thoughtful and artistic approach to helping your smile look its best!

You Want A Brighter Smile But…You Have Sensitive Teeth

Our team wants to remind you that our teeth whitening is gentle and something we have chosen very carefully to ensure it will not cause sensitivity and that it will work for you. Learn more about your future whiter smile when you come talk with us! when sensitivity is an issue, then dietary things that make it harder to have brighter teeth come into play.

DIY Teeth Whitening Problems

Of course, when you decide you’re ready for a whiter grin, finding the quickest method that seems to promise the results you’re looking for seems like a good idea. However, is it really your best solution? The truth is, when you reach for a DIY (do-it-yourself) option, you’re not going to end up with the smile you’re hoping to achieve. The absolute smartest decision is to schedule teeth whitening with our practice, so the results include exceptional improvements (without a drop of disappointment).

Reason #1: It Won’t Work

One of the very good reasons we put forth for you to avoid DIY teeth whitening is the fact that it won’t work. Whether you’re choosing a toothpaste that promises to whiten or something that appears to be a very serious treatment offering dramatic results, you’re still not going to see the exceptional improvement you can expect when you use our professional whitening instead.

Reason #2: It May Cause Damage

While it’s possible to get away without any serious damage, you will most likely end up dealing with some type of negative effect on your smile. Teeth whitening products from the store can either scrape your teeth if they include abrasive ingredients or they may dehydrate your tissue because ingredients tend to be quite harsh. Our whitening is safe!

Reason #3: You’ll Probably Waste Dollars

Since you will end up having to come to us for effective, safe teeth whitening no matter what, you should skip attempting the DIY whitening. You will end up spending more than you would have if you’d chosen professional care initially!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I know that eventually I may need additional cosmetic treatment in the future to re-brighten my smile. However, is this going to happen sooner than later?

Answer: No! As long as you follow our suggestions for protecting your teeth whitening results, you can expect many years of a very white, vibrant grin.

Question: How should I be caring for my smile now that I have received teeth whitening? Should I be doing anything differently than the way I usually do them?

Answer: You won’t have to do anything to care for your smile that’s different from the usual routine. Well, we say this while assuming you are doing things correctly! Appropriate care for your smile includes brushing it two times every day. You should be flossing your smile once a day, too.

Question: Will foods and drinks really have a serious effect on my smile shade if I’m not careful or is this a myth?

Answer: These are the primary factors that lead to mild to moderate staining. As a result, the answer is that you should either steer clear of foods and drinks that cause stains, you should only consume them on occasion, and/or you should become serious about rinsing your smile with water after you eat them (followed by brushing after a half hour).

Question:  Can I whiten my teeth quickly?

Answer: Yes, but fast one appointment bleaching is done by dehydrating the teeth and it is temporary.

See Us For Your Unique Teeth Whitening Needs

Learn all you need to know about whitening and keeping your smile beautiful by asking us questions during your visits. See our team to learn more about the many ways we can help you achieve the beautiful white smile you desire. Feel free to schedule a visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.