Posts By: James Fondriest, DDS, FACD, FICD

Helping You Even Out A Jagged Smile

You may have many ways of describing your smile, none of which include the terms “uniform” or “symmetrical.” Instead, you think of it as jagged, uneven, up-and-down, and more, as a result of teeth of varying lengths that don’t lend themselves to beautiful consistency. While you may assume you’re stuck with what nature bestowed upon… Read more »

Enjoying Modern Cosmetic Improvements With No-Prep Veneers

What can no-prep veneers offer someone who wants to make cosmetic changes to the way they look when they smile? While traditional veneers are already remarkably slim, they require the removal of enamel in order to fit properly on a person’s teeth. No-prep veneers, like conventional porcelain veneers, can hide chips and cracks, stains, and… Read more »

Can My Beverage Choices Affect My Cosmetic Dental Work?

After you receive cosmetic dental work at your Lake Forest, IL dentist’s office, you can feel excited to share your improved smile with everyone. People who make esthetic improvements to their teeth can feel a boost in their confidence levels, and that confidence can have personal and professional benefits. Even if you elect to receive… Read more »