Healthy Eating During the Holidays

The holidays are a very special time of year. Family, fun, food, lights, decorations, Christmas music, does it get any better? Don’t pay for your holiday fun with dental woes. Watch that food table and all those snacks and sweet holiday goodies. In fact, you can begin your New Year’s resolution right now by avoiding foods bad for your dental health. In today’s blog we give you tips on healthy holiday eating.  

Sweet vs Salty

Many people think only sugary foods are bad for your teeth, but salty snacks can harm your oral health too.

Salty: Salty snacks including chips, nuts, pretzels, and crackers can get stuck in between your teeth. The longer food debris remains between your teeth the more chance the carbohydrates have to convert to sugar and attract pathogenic bacteria that feast on sugars and release acids that break down your enamel. You can’t tell if a cavity is forming in between your teeth unless you have dental x-rays.

Sweet: Thick, sticky holiday goodies such as caramel and fudge can wreak havoc on your dental health. They are high in sugar and they stick to your teeth. The consistency of these treats makes it hard for your saliva to wash them away. Hard candies should be avoided as well. Hard candies like candy canes, a holiday favorite, melt away slowly in your mouth leaving behind sticky sugary residue. The longer it takes you to dissolve the candy in your mouth the more time to attract harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Pick Fruits and Veggies

Most party tables include a veggie tray with fresh vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. These foods help clean your teeth and wash away harmful bacteria, the same with fresh fruits such as apples and pears. Don’t pay for your holiday fun with dental woes. Get a healthy payoff by making healthy choices.

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