What Is Osseointegration?


Osseointegration is a biological process referring to the integration of metal with bone. Once the titanium post is inserted into the bone, it begins to form a strong, permanent bond similar to the natural root of a tooth, as the bone cells attached themselves directly to the titanium surface “locking” the post into the bone.   It is due to the process of osseointegration that implants are so successful.

A dental implant is a complex surgical procedure that requires skill, expertise, experience, precision, attention to detail, and pre-planning. Before you get a dental implant, shop around to find a cosmetic dentist that you trust who also possesses the above traits. Implant fixtures require placement in the exact location within the boney ridge of your jawbone. This requires skill and expertise. When you receive an implant from Lake Forest Dental Arts, Dr. Fondriest works closely with specialists that prepare the receptor sites and place the titanium fixtures. Titanium posts are surgically placed into your jawbone and the implant is placed once osseointegration is completed. So…what is osseointegration?

Healthy Jawbone

A healthy jawbone is a must when receiving a dental implant. A scan will be performed to determine if the quality and quantity of jawbone meets implant standards. If your jawbone is not sufficiently healthy a bone graft will be required to go forward with the implant treatment. Once the jawbone, or actually the boney ridge of the jawbone, is deemed healthy enough to receive an implant, a surgeon will “implant” a titanium post into the bone. The post is titanium because of its biocompatibility. At this point healing begins. While the gum surrounding the implant will heal within a few weeks, osseointegration of the titanium post will take up to three months.

About Your Lake Forest Dentist:

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