We Can Give You A Healthy Mouth

There was a time when you would brush, floss, and gargle because you wanted white teeth and fresh breath. Today, you brush, floss, and gargle to maintain your health. Not just your oral health, but your overall health. Research has determined that your oral health affects your overall health and those people suffering from periodontal disease are at risks for several other health issues. So, it is crucial to the health of your whole body to have a healthy mouth, and we can help you get one.                  

What A Healthy Mouth Looks Like

A healthy mouth involves more than just your teeth. It involves your gums, bite, and the health of your oral mucosa.

Oral Mucosa:

A healthy mouth means that there is no oral cancer, there are no sores or inflammation, and that your oral mucosa is moist, not dry. Your mouth is also fresh, and free from pain, or irritation.

Gingival Tissue:

Your gingival tissue, also referred to as your gums, is pink, firm, and free from swelling or bleeding when they are healthy. The depth of your gingival pockets should be 3mm or less, and the roots of your teeth should not be exposed. Soft or hardened plaque should not be present around your gums.


You should have no missing teeth, and your teeth should be free from decay, infection, chips, cracks, excessive wear, and sensitivity.

Healthy Bite:

Your bite is considered healthy when you have straight teeth with no abnormal wear and your jaw is in proper alignment. You should have no problems chewing; no jaw pain, joint noise, headaches, or neck aches.

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