Periodontal Disease And Impotence

Men beware, not only has periodontal disease been linked to many systemic health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, it has been linked to impotence as well. So if you are a man looking for a reason to take better care of your teeth and gums, don’t wait to make a New Year’s resolution…start now. Read on as your Lake Forest Dentist, Dr. Fondriest, explains the latest on periodontal disease and impotence.


There are two stages of periodontal disease: gingivitis the earliest stage, and periodontitis the most severe stage. Gingivitis is the irritation of your gums. It includes inflammation and redness and is reversible. However, if gingivitis remains untreated it can develop into periodontitis. Periodontitis is when the inflammation progresses underneath the gingival tissue affecting the connecting tissue and bone. It is the major reason for tooth loss.

Men should try to match their female counterparts by brushing at least twice a day. They should lessen their risk for heart disease and diabetes by flossing daily, rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash, and attending their routine dental cleanings twice yearly.

Gum Disease and Impotence

A research study analyzing gum disease and impotence followed 33,000 men with erectile dysfunction, or impotence, and 162, 000 men without erectile dysfunction, for five years, to determine whether or not there was a link between periodontitis and impotence. The study found that periodontitis was much more prevalent among men with impotence than the control group. The link proved strongest in men under 30 and older than 70.


Although there is no indication that periodontal disease causes impotence or vice versa, the underlying assumption is that inflammation associated with periodontitis does not exist only in the gums but affects all systems of the body including the blood vessels supplying the penis. Although there is a need for further research and education, the preliminary findings indicate that men with periodontal disease should make dental treatment a priority.

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