Transform My Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform my smile

A perfect smile can instill confidence and make a great first impression. In fact, according to a recent Kelton Research study, people with beautiful smiles are considered both more attractive and successful. The study went on to reveal that for many Americans, a smile is one of the first things they notice when meeting someone new. We understand how life changing a gorgeous smile can be. As a result, we provide our patients with breakthrough cosmetic dentistry. Dr. James Fondriest can improve the appearance of your teeth and gums with our unique cosmetic procedures. 

What is cosmetic dentistry and how it can transform your smile?

Interested in innovative smile improvement? Dr. James Fondriest can examine your teeth and gums, assessing the health of your smile. Using the latest dental technology, he will diagnose the cause and severity of your dental issues. The next part of the artistic smile design process is for your dentist to factor in your personality and facial features. Then you with your dentist’s help will decide which of our cosmetic and restorative procedures will best address your smile. From there, you can finally obtain the stunning artistic smile you deserve.

Gum Treatment

In addition to your teeth, the gums play a major factor in the appearance of your smile. Many patients suffer from excessive gingival tissue display or a gummy smile. Excessive gum exposure can make the teeth appear small. Fortunately, Dr. Fondriest offers cosmetic gum lifts. This technique allows Dr. Fondriest to remove excess gum tissue and reshape the gums, reducing the appearance of your gummy smile.

transform my smile!

Seeing before and after pictures of smile makeovers helps to understand how variable the results can be between dentists. This lovely lady flew up from Florida to have her work done. She had old crowns that needed to be replaced. Her agenda was to transform her smile. We chose to improve her smile with E max porcelain crowns that look real.

Transform your smile by replacing missing teeth

Even a single tooth can hurt the health of your smile causing jawbone tissue loss, misalignment, and potentially, further tooth loss. Missing teeth also reduce nutritional intake, decreasing a patient’s overall health. Replacing just one front tooth will transform your smile. In the United States alone, 69% of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing at least one permanent tooth. As we age, that number can grow exponentially, unless you address your tooth loss early on. With our restorative procedures, Dr. Fondriest can provide natural looking replacements for missing teeth.

  • Dental Bridge: An artificial tooth will be created with crowns on each side. The crowns will be placed on the natural teeth on either side of the space. The crowns anchor your prosthetic into place, allowing you to eat and smile with ease. A dental bridge can replace one or more teeth.
  • Dental Implants: An implant uses a biocompatible titanium post inserted directly into the jaw. Through the process of osseointegration, the bone tissue bonds with the post. This secures the implants for decades. From there, a custom made restoration will be placed, returning your smile to full function and health. Dental implants can provide single tooth replacement and even a full set of fixed dentures.

Brightening Your Smile

Finally, Dr. Fondriest offers a range of conservative and extensive cosmetic procedures. These procedures allow your Lake Forest dentist to address one or more smile issues and improve the health and beauty of your teeth. Our cosmetic procedures include:

Teeth Whitening: Dr. Fondriest offers at home teeth whitening for stained teeth. This system uses custom made trays and a powerful bleaching gel.

Dental Bonding: Employing a composite resin, Dr. Fondriest can repair chipped or cracked natural teeth in just one visit. Dental bonding also allows Dr. Fondriest to mask permanent teeth stains. Using tooth colored fillings allows more of your natural tooth to be preserved.

Porcelain Veneers: A thin shell of porcelain placed on the front teeth can completely transform your smile. Designed and shaded to blend with your smile, veneers repair damaged teeth, correct the appearance of misalignment, and cover discoloration. Dr. Fondriest also offers no-prep veneers, which don’t require the removal of enamel layers prior to placement.

Porcelain Crowns preserve the remaining tooth structure while protecting the teeth from decay and infection. They can be used to change shapes of teeth, align them, and brighten them. Doing natural looking crowns can be an ideal way to straighten crooked teeth if orthodontics isn’t an option. For added strength, Dr. Fondriest offers porcelain fused to metal crowns, and Emax as well.

Are you ready to transform your smile?

An artful aspect of better dentistry is achieving the cosmetic goal with the least amount of drilling. Crowns and veneers are the two main cosmetic dental options for transforming your smile. To schedule your consultation, call our office today at (847) 234-0517.