Artistic smiles | Design Your Smile Artistically

Artistic smiles

Fixing some front teeth with crowns is one thing but creating artistic smiles is quite another. Whitening your teeth brightens your smile, braces straighten your smile, but smile design revamps your whole smile. An artistic smile design can make your dreams for a beautiful Hollywood smile come true.

Artistic Dentistry Is Required for Natural Looking Smile Enhancements

Most people have heard of teeth whitening, and even know that porcelain veneers could help improve their smiles. But not everyone knows how these treatments work. And more importantly, if they can provide beautiful yet natural looking results.

These and other cosmetic treatments can be used to greatly enhance a smile’s natural beauty. We prefer not to replace your problems with unnatural white Chiclets.  We strive to mostly mimic nature but with a pinch of better! 🙂

Adding an artistic flare to the makeover process

The point of a smile makeover isn’t to create artificial looking results. It’s to create a noticeably improved yet natural looking smile. To create a truly great mouth reconstruction, the cosmetic dentist must fully understand the goals you have for your makeover. This might include hiding problems like spacing issues between teeth. Or solving more difficult issues such as gum symmetry and proportion problems in your smile.

What’s Involved in creating an artistic smile?

With an artistic smile design the dentist and patient work closely together to clarify expectations and desires. The patient’s goals are fully developed and understood by both the patient and the dentist. Then a full assessment of the patient’s present dental status is completed. During the assessment the dentist will document the following with photographs:

  • The patient’s facial asymmetries
  • Lip drape
  • Movement patterns
  • How the teeth display in all directions during normal speech and while smiling

Planning the artistic smile with the patient

At this point, based on the documentation, the dentist collaborates with the patient planning each step to the final outcome. There are many ways to reach the final outcome. The outcome will vary based on the creativity and artistic talents of the dentist.

When the patient fully understands their options they can make more informed decisions so they are pleased with the final result. The following are taken into consideration when planning an artistic smile design:

  • The patient’s schedule
  • Temperament
  • Motivation
  • Willingness
  • Planned financial investment

Better Smile Design with Technology

Designing artistic smiles

State of the art digital software allows for planning how a smile will look when the makeover is finished. These images can be shared with our patients to let them feel confident that their goals are being heard.

The first step in performing quality dental care is to perform a thorough examination. This exam is used to determine what issues need to be addressed, and the best way to address them. Using advanced 3D imaging and diagnostic technology, we can perform comprehensive treatment planning that ensures optimal precision and results. You can even view a digital model of how you will look after some treatments. This is needed when planning the dental surgery for dental implants. This allows you to make more informed decisions about your dental care.

Advanced, lifelike dental materials for a truly artistic smile

For many cosmetic and restorative procedures, certain materials are needed to modify or improve your tooth structure. The more lifelike those materials are, the more attractive the results will be. Technology has given us great advances in beautiful dental porcelains and tooth colored composite resins.

Dr. Fondriest is a test center for many manufacturers. He is offered use of materials that won’t make the market for years. We can create natural looking crowns, veneers, bridges, tooth fillings, and more that virtually look the same as your natural teeth.

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