Implant planning | Digital Guided Surgery Technology

Implant planning

Placing implants is a precise and complicated process. while we pre-plan the entire process, we actually do not do the surgical part of placing the implant. Today’s technology and equipment can make placing implants controlled and cosmetically more able to replicate a natural tooth. In today’s blog, Dr. Fondriest, explains how digital implant technology makes it possible.

Difficulties when surgically placing Implants

It is not unusual for general dentists to fear placing implants. Implants require skill and detailed planning. There are many factors to consider when placing an implant such as:

  • Hitting a nerve
  • Invading a sinus
  • Hitting adjacent roots
  • Incorrect placement

Planning Guided Implant Surgery

Many of these fears are alleviated with Guided surgery. With Guided surgery, a dental CT scan of the patient’s jaw is taken from which a virtual plan is designed. The 3-D imaging gives the patient a visual representation of the placement so they are confident and comfortable with the procedure.  More ergonomic and affordable than before, today modern 3-D CBCT machines are usually about the size of panoramic machines.  A surgical guide and guided surgery drill kit is also part of the implant technology leaving little room for error.

Dental implants can be performed without technology. Today’s technology makes it a viable option for general dentists and easier for their patients because they will not require a referral or have to travel to visit a specialist. Digital implant technology opens doors for the general practitioner all while:

  • Alleviating the fears associated with placement
  • Shortening the appointment
  • Decreasing patient discomfort
  • Increasing patient confidence and acceptance.

Planning on giving your self an implant

It’s often helpful to “give yourself a gift” of dental implants because they are a big deal. What do we mean by this? Well, though they are exceptionally cost effective, they are still often regarded as expensive because they require an investment. Though they will last the rest of your life in most cases, their somewhat longer journey can be off putting. However, if you think of a single tooth replacement as a something that you’ve gifted yourself for the holiday, well, it can feel like an exciting adventure that is absolutely worthwhile.

How The Holidays Can Offer Inspiration

We remind you that when you’re thinking about giving yourself the gift of a dental implant journey but you’re on the fence, you can simply look to your experience throughout the holidays as the inspiration you need. Spend time reflecting on how much easier, more magical, or relaxing your holiday might be if you were to have implants to replace your missing teeth. Might meals be easier? Would you feel better about your smile’s appearance? Would you feel much more easy going about socializing? If yes, talk with us about implants very soon.

It’s time to focus on your implant planning now

Our team invites you to remember that when you get started on your dental implant journey, it takes many months for the highest quality result. Why not get started right now?

Get Your Implant Journey Started With Us Today

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