Foods that make TMJ worse

Do you have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder? Then this article may prove beneficial for you. TMJ disorder is a serious condition that affects the joint in your jaw. This causes patients great discomfort and pain, which is why managing it is incredibly important. Part of managing TMJ disorder is watching your diet. There are certain foods to avoid that make TMJ worse by placing more pressure upon the jaw joint and increases your discomfort.

For this reason, your Lake Forest, IL dentist, Dr. James Fondriest, shares which foods TMJ disorder patients should avoid.

Foods to Avoid with TMJ

  • Crunchy foods. Overly crunchy food items place a lot of added pressure the TM joint. Eating popcorn, chips, carrots, apples, and other crunchy foods don’t bode well for TMJ disorder sufferers. Instead, your Lake Forest, IL dentist suggests eating softer foods, like, cooked veggies and ripe fruits. These provide nutritional value and won’t cause you any additional pain.
  • Chewy foods. Much like crunchy foods, eating chewy foods also agitates the TM joint. While chewy foods won’t require as much downward force, the excessive motion tends to cause jaw pain. Therefore, avoid having taffy, gum, and even soft caramel chews. Eating bananas, fish, and yogurt usually works better.
  • Fatty foods. Most foods high in fat typically cause tissue inflammation throughout the body. Which is why a diet heavy in red meats, fried foods, and rich sauces usually worsens TMJ disorder symptoms. If you choose to eat similar food items, try to limit the amount you consume per week.
  • Large bites. While this doesn’t directly correlate with food, it’s an important tidbit of information. On days when TMD pain is rather high, some patients can’t open their mouths more than a few inches. Thus, taking large bites is nearly impossible. To avoid irritating your TM joint, start cutting your food into smaller bites. This way your mouth won’t have to open to far and you will experience less pain.

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