What Does A Whiter Smile Mean For You?

Whiter Smile

You may think about how wonderful you would feel with a whiter smile. However, when you think about this term, you wonder: Is there some universal “white” that we aim for? What if you don’t really need to whiten everything, so you worry about trying to explain your needs?

We remind you that we will take your smile into account as a unique feature unlike anyone else’s. We will focus on what you would like to accomplish, so you end up with the shade of white best befitting you! You can achieve a whiter smile with cosmetic dentistry options such as porcelain crowns, veneers without drilling, or simply by bleaching.

When Is White Too White?

White teeth can deliver a more youthful appearance, but the whitening needs to be in proportion to several factors. Cosmetic dentists consider these factors when discussing how white your teeth should be:

  • Age: A white smile at age 30 is necessarily different than a white smile at 60. As we age, there is an assumption that teeth will become slightly discolored and duller. If you are more advanced in years, a bleached-out smile may come off appearing fake.
  • Skin tone: Our complexion should be considered when deciding which shade of white works best. Pink skin undertones blend best with light hues of blue and gray on the enamel, for example, while olive skin can be complemented by ivory teeth. If you regularly tan, it is important to remember that any teeth whitening results will be magnified against your already tan skin.
  • Current shade: Your existing teeth shade should be considered. If you are starting with a dull and gray row of teeth, a liquid paper smile should not be your goal. 
  • Bleaching speed: When assessing which cosmetic whitening treatment products will be best for you. Some professional whitening kits have bleaching agents that are too strong for patients that grind. Cold sensitivity becomes a problem.

Recommended habits to a whiter smile

Maintain good oral hygiene habits

Good oral health requires regularly brushing and flossing. Brush your teeth and gums twice per day and floss once. Go to your dentist office regularly for cleanings.

Utilize all of the bleaching products available

Professional bleaching can be enhanced with the use of whitening toothpaste, whitening pens, whitening floss, mouthwashes, and baking soda. Using a whitening gel for 30 days with a high carbamide peroxide content will render your pearly whites shades whiter.

When You’re Mostly Happy With Your Current Shade

Maybe you feel a bit concerned about voicing a desire for a whiter smile. Your concern is that we are going to “go overboard” and whiten beyond your goals. If you’re someone with a single stain or two, one tooth that’s not quite white, or areas of staining, what you’d prefer is to even things out. You want a uniform smile that’s all white but you’re not necessarily looking for a dramatic shift in shade.

We can help you accomplish this. When you need to camouflage stains, a cosmetic treatment like bonding will allow us to match the treated tissue to the shade of your smile that’s the shade with which you’re satisfied.

Benefits of a Whiter Smile

Whiter teeth can lead to:

  • A more youthful appearance
  • A more attractive smile
  • The removal of discolored patches in your tooth enamel
  • Boosted self esteem
  • Greater confidence in the workplace
  • Greater confidence when seeking romantic relationships

Fun fact: Smiles are more attractive than makeup. A study conducted by Orbit Complete found that nearly 70 percent of adults find women more attractive when they smile compared to when they wore makeup but did not smile. In the workplace, individuals who have a white smile are seen as being more confident.

See Our Team For A More Vibrant, Natural Looking Whiter Smile

Learn more about the many cosmetic smile changes that can be made to your smile. Whether you are trying to make a good first impression during a work interview or simply wish to regain a more youthful-appearing smile, teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry can lead to many positive outcomes in your professional and personal life.

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