Tooth enhancement | Options for making teeth look better

Front tooth enhancements

Cosmetic dental work comes at a cost, but the benefits are well worth it. The goals of a cosmetic dentist are to enhance a tooth or multiple teeth and improve your quality of life. There are many types of tooth enhancement that a skilled dentist can render. Common cosmetic dental goals are to improve a tooth’s:

  1. Size or length
  2. Modify shapes
  3. Alignment
  4. Replace tooth enamel lost to wear or trauma
  5. Color
  6. Luster 

Are you considering enhancing one or more of your teeth? This blog will overview your options and the benefits of cosmetic smile changes

What are my tooth enhancement options?

woman with tooth enhancements done

This Chicago lawyer wanted to know what types of tooth enhancements were appropriate for her. She opted to have veneers done.

A smile transformation plan can enhance your overall appearance and give your confidence a boost. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of dental options. Depending on your cosmetic needs, you can benefit from these great options. 

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can replace lost tooth structure following trauma or restorative treatment. It can also enhance a cosmetically blemished tooth. The restoration fits over the entire tooth. For cosmetic purposes, crowns are typically made from ceramic materials that look and shine like tooth enamel.

Make sure that your dentist works with a trusted laboratory when making crowns. Qualified and experienced dental professionals should have a trusted dental laboratory they work with for dental procedures like this one. If you are missing teeth,  crowns can be fitted onto dental implants.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a bit of a fix-all solution for minor aesthetic issues. The tooth colored composite resin can be artfully molded to enhance the structure of a tooth. Cosmetic tooth bonding is great for fixing chips and small gaps between teeth. It is also one of the most affordable tooth enhancements available. This is the same material that is used to create composite veneers.

If you have patches of discoloration, bonding can help with discolored teeth. Dental bonding does not last forever, though. The resin can last a few years to several years before it will likely need to be replaced.

Porcelain Veneers

bruxism treatment with veneers

This patient suffered from bruxism and had severely worn teeth. After many years of dreaming, she finally got a tooth enhancement with dental crowns.

Veneers deliver drastic cosmetic results. Porcelain is the most popular material used for cosmetic treatments. Veneers cover the front of teeth and can correct a wide range of issues like stains, small teeth, worn teeth, chips, and even crooked teeth.

Your doctor will need to know that you are in good oral health and free of gum disease or tooth decay on the tooth surface before giving your candidacy for this cosmetic treatment.  

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatments are intended to straighten your teeth. This can be done using metal braces or clear aligners. Invisalign is a popular clear aligner that uses a strong and transparent material that wraps around your teeth.

Metal braces have been around for decades. The orthodontic device uses small metal brackets and wires to pull teeth into better alignment. Both dental options require time.

Metal braces may be better for complicated cases. Clear aligners are easy to use. You will have to remember to place your clear trays 22 hours per day. One benefit of orthodontic treatment is that braces work with natural teeth. There is usually no need to alter your tooth. 

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to lift stains from teeth. These treatments are either performed at home or in a dental office. Once completed, teeth whitening can whiten teeth by several shades.

On average, the results from this option last three years. You can help keep your teeth white by cutting back on red wine and coffee. Certain foods and drinks are known to cause dental stains.

If you sip on coffee, you may want to consider drinking it more quickly. White wines can be a good change from red wines. 

Benefits of Tooth Enhancement

What’s the value of a beautiful smile? It turns out to be a lot. 

At Work

In the work environment, an attractive smile conveys confidence, intelligence, and even leadership skills. If you do a lot of public speaking or are seeking a promotion, the appearance of your smile could be a huge advantage. 

Attractive teeth are also helpful during interviews. Remember that saying about first impressions? It turns out to be true. 

When Seeking Romantic Relationships

An astounding 60% of men cite teeth as one of the most important physical traits in a potential date or romantic partner, according to one poll. An even larger portion, 71%, of women said teeth are the “most important factor in deciding to date someone.” 

Gentlemen, consider less time at the gym and more time brushing your teeth and consider cosmetic dentistry!

For Your Own Self-esteem

Cosmetic blemishes can leave you reluctant to smile. Smiling is a documented mood-booster. Even when you do not feel happy, a smile can help send your brain in that direction. Are you reluctant to smile because you are embarrassed about certain cosmetic issues with your smile? 

No matter how big or small your cosmetic concern is, there is a treatment that can revamp your smile with dazzling results.

Get a Tooth Enhancement For Better Photos

 Let’s be honest. We live in a time when photos are everywhere. The best photos include a big, beautiful smile. Do you find yourself hesitant to smile in group photos?

The look of your teeth is a major factor in how good you feel when taking photos. 

For Your Oral Health

Cosmetic bonding can cover chips on teeth that might become decayed. Crooked teeth are hard to clean. When something as simple as teeth whitening can inspire you to take better care of your teeth. A great smile is usually a healthy smile.

When is the right time to enhance your smile?

Choosing to do cosmetic dentistry is a deeply personal choice. Many people seek cosmetic dental enhancements to address unattractive features of their smiles that have bothered them for years or even decades.

Maybe an important milestone or new stage of life has you thinking about the importance of your smile. Many people put off tooth enhancements as they put work, family, and other important commitments first. 

Putting others first is great, but rewarding yourself through tooth enhancements is a benefit that everyone should enjoy at some point in their life. 

Schedule Your Tooth Enhancement Today

Sometimes, good oral hygiene just isn’t enough. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can transform your smile and your life. Cosmetic artistry can enhance smiles yielding natural looking results. 

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