The Human Touch

Boutique dentist with a human touch

It’s amazing just how far the field of dentistry has evolved thanks to modern day technology and science. For dental professionals today, it’s not enough to just keep your patients’ teeth clean. Continuing education courses and countless hours and dollars are constantly being spent to ensure that patients receive the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and high-quality care. Dr. James Fondriest, a boutique dentist in Lake Forest, Illinois, knows the value of this time and money. Our boutique dentist practice mostly serves the Chicago metropolitan area including the North Shore and Northwest suburbs, but we often get patients from all over the United States.

The Human Touch and Dental Care

Creating beautiful, fully functional, and healthy smiles for his patients is what he does best. He also recognizes how, in times of such technological and scientific evolution, the relationship between doctor and patient can suffer. That’s why Dr. Fondriest and the team at Lake Forest Dental Arts pledge to never lose what they call “the human touch.”

By limiting our practice size to maintain the feel of a boutique practice, we ensure that you’ll have individual, one-on-one attention and time with Dr. Fondriest every time you set foot in our office. This not only gives us time to thoroughly examine your teeth, provide you with treatments, and consult with you about what you can do to improve your dental situation, but it also allows you time to ask questions and address any concerns that you may have.

Benefits of Working with a Boutique Dental Practice

Consistent and continual care

Many of the dental problems we experience later in life are the cumulative result of aging, environmental, factors, oral hygiene habits, and professional dental care. By working with a dentist who pledges to maintain “the human touch,” you can benefit from oral health insights that can only come from years of continual care at the same dental practice.

For example, if you are seeking cosmetic treatments, Dr. Fondriest can give you insightful advice based on his past knowledge of your tooth anatomy and his appreciation for your personal goals. Veneers may not be needed if your teeth are structurally sound and well-aligned. In that case, you may benefit from take-home teeth whitening kits. 

Your oral health can benefit as well. If Dr. Fondriest or one of our team members notices that you have higher rates of developing cavities, we can customize a treatment plan to prevent the development of further decay. The use of sealants and fluoride are two examples. Understanding your unique oral health needs is only possible with a dentist who practices boutique dental care that caters to the needs of individual patients. 

Trusted dental advice

Dr. Fondriest does not subscribe to the “turn and burn” approach to maximizing profits. While trendy dental clinics promise brighter smiles, their main goal may not always align with their patient’s needs. Dr. Fondriest will always recommend the most cost effective and conservative treatment when addressing your oral health needs. For example, if you come to our office with a minor crack, dental bonding would be the first treatment sought. If that is not sufficient, an inlay or onlay can be manufactured. If that restoration will not address your needs, a dental crown will be fabricated. Invasive or costly restorations will only be recommended if less invasive treatments are not an option. 

A dental office without long wait times

Have you have used a dentist who requires several weeks’ notice before he or she can see you? Often, these dentists leave you waiting for an hour or longer in the waiting room. Our office maintains a limited size so we can give each patient the attention that he or she deserves. If you are ready to work with a dentist who puts people over numbers and individualized care over profits, we welcome you to join our dental family. 

Other benefits of the human touch in dentistry include:

  • Enhanced doctor and patient rapport
  • Increased trust
  • Valuable patient education
  • A comfortable dental experience
  • Better dental care outcomes
  • Shorter waits before treatments
  • An enjoyable dental experience
  • Greater patient satisfaction with treatment
  • More effective treatments
  • Cost savings for patients


Serving you for simple care to complicated mouth reconstruction

A boutique dentist will give you the time for something as simple as a canker sore to worries about mouth cancers. No need to worry if you are bothering us.

Dr. Fondriest recognizes and appreciates the trust you put in him and our staff. Your smile is your best asset, and feeling taken care of in a medical setting can be difficult. It’s our sincere hope that every time you come to our dental office in the North Shore area of Chicago, you feel as though your are coming to see a good and trusted friend.

For more information about our human touch philosophy, call us at (847) 234-0517. Our practice mostly serves the Chicago metropolitan area including the North Shore and Northwest suburbs, but we often get patients from all over the United States.