Front tooth crowns | 8 ways they can stand out

teeth caps in smile

Do you have an old front tooth crown that stands out in your smile? You see the darkness in your photos. Several dentists have attempted to make it better but they still stand out. 

What 8 factors make a front tooth crown stand out?

  • The tooth underneath is dark from an old root canal or an old metal filling that was leaking for years
  • Metal showing at the base of the old restorations
  • Leakage at the margin
  • The porcelain is opaque
  • The shape or contours don’t match
  • The enamel of your natural teeth has complex optical characterizations
  • Your natural teeth change in brightness with the dehydration that comes with mouth breathing
  • The crown/s are wider than their natural tooth counterparts

There are artistic or creative cosmetic procedures that can partially or totally solve these issues.

Front tooth crowns before and after

Before and after treatment with front tooth crowns made with Emax porcelain.

Is a crown the right treatment option for me?

Any discussion on the merits of a front tooth crown requires a look at the pros and cons of a veneer vs a crown for anterior teeth. A veneer is a thin (0.2mm) shell that is strong and durable. Many cosmetic dentists offer no-prep veneers that require minimal if any alteration to your natural tooth.

The dentist will place the shell on the front of your tooth. Veneers are considered a cosmetic treatment. The treatment is not suitable for teeth that have significant decay or other forms of damage. 

A pretty crown can also deliver drastic cosmetic results. A crown completely encases a tooth in a “cap” that looks natural. The main difference between a crown and a veneer is that former offers more protection for the tooth.

Patients do not seek a veneer to strengthen a tooth, but a crown does reinforce a tooth following cavity treatment or a root canal. It is used when a large filling will not work. 

Alternatives to crowns on front teeth

A veneer is very thin while a crown is thicker (2mm). Crowns are also better suited for teeth that have suffered from significant damage. Patients who have very decayed teeth may not be a candidate for porcelain veneers. The cosmetic treatment requires healthy enamel to attach to. Both treatment options generally have good success rates. One of the main differences between the two treatment options is the durability of the attachments.

Crowns require more removal of natural tooth structure. The restoration is thicker, meaning that enough enamel has to be removed to make room for the restoration.

If you have a very decayed tooth, this can actually be a good thing. That’s because most of the structure that is removed would be unhealthy anyway. 

Preparing for a veneer requires minimal if any removal of tooth structure. Many patients can have a veneer placed without the need for any or minimal preparation. If you are a candidate for both treatment options and wish to maintain your natural tooth, a veneer may be a better option.

After your tooth is prepared, you may be fitted with temporary crowns. If you are still unsure which option is better for you, your dentist can advise you toward the best treatment option. A crown can cost a little more, but the prosthetic will also last longer on average.

Will my front tooth crown look natural?

Most cosmetic dentists offer both Emax porcelain and zirconia crowns. The material matches the natural shine and luster of enamel. Each restoration will be manufactured to blend in with the features of your natural smile.

The dentist will color match the visible portion of your restoration to blend in with your teeth. The surface of permanent crowns will lie flush with nearby teeth. Once your new tooth is placed, few people if any will be able to tell that you underwent dental work.

The crown will reach just to the gum line. Even porcelain fused to metal crowns does not show a dark line. 

The front tooth crown will be made to match the color of your teeth. Patients should take steps to ensure that their natural teeth do not become tarnished. Most of the porcelains used in dentistry will not stain.

One way to ensure that your teeth do not stain is to avoid foods that have tannins. These items include wine and coffee. Certain berries can also stain. Your hygienist will be glad to mention foods and drinks you can avoid. 

Porcelain is strong and has a wear pattern that is similar to enamel. This is one advantage if you are looking for natural looking results. 

Tooth crown

Dental crown and tooth isolated on a white background

Treatment Steps

The dentist will use local anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable. Then, he will gently remove the outer portion of your tooth. Once this is done, you will be fitted with a temporary dental crown. Once your final teeth crown is ready, you will return to have it delivered. 

The dentist will ensure that your front tooth crown is a great fit and looks natural. The front teeth are especially important to the beauty of our smile. Most dentists understand this and will work tirelessly to ensure that your teeth crowns look both natural and attractive. 

Maintaining Your Front Tooth Crown

Gum disease can lead to gum recession. This condition can expose the underlying metal at the base of your crown. To avoid this condition, practice good oral hygiene habits. Paying careful attention to the health of your gum tissue can ensure that you enjoy natural color and other important cosmetic benefits.  

Once your new restoration is placed, it may be worth investing in a quality electric toothbrush. The device can vibrate at very fast rates that surpass what hand brushing can. Just as importantly, an electric toothbrush comes with a built in timer that reminds you how long to brush. A full two minutes is often recommended. 

Regular dental visits and checkups are also important. During each visit, the doctor will be able to tell if the cap is strongly attached. Any adjustments can be made at that time. Over the life of your dental crown or ceramic crowns, it may need to be reattached or replaced. 

To ensure that your crown does not become loose, remember to:

Are you more curious about the cosmetic options available?

New porcelains are being developed that can mask the darkness of an old root canal. If one or more of your front teeth suffer from advanced decay or cosmetic problems, you can be fitted with a front tooth crown that blends in well with your natural smile. Many people are familiar with the benefits that a veneer can offer.

We believe that a beautiful smile results from working together. Listening is an important part of that process. Your personal goals and desires will always be considered during the treatment process.