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Dentistry in Shakespeare’s Time

Shakespearean actor holding skull

Today we’d like to pay homage to the world’s greatest poet and playwright – William Shakespeare. Sadly, Shakespeare died at the age of 52. Today, this is considered tragically young, but in the 17th century, the average male lived to age 47. Poor hygiene and inadequate medical knowledge meant that disease ran rampant, and this… Read more »

What Could Happen If I Never See the Dentist?

What Could Happen If I Never See the Dentist?

Ever wondered how important regular preventive appointments actually are? In other words, have you ever felt tempted to skip out on routine preventive visits with your general dentist? If so, there are many compelling reasons to reconsider. General dental appointments are key to maintaining a healthy smile, particularly as one ages. From cavities to gum… Read more »

Is Your Smile Overdue for Dental Care?

Is Your Smile Overdue for Dental Care?

Do you want to prevent ongoing oral health threats, the kind that could leave you suffering from discomfort and even downright pain? Want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for years to come? If so, regular dental care is absolutely essential. Cleanings help to remove tartar buildup, which could otherwise cause cavities. Seeking restorative… Read more »

What Questions Do You Have About Dental Care? Part One

Got Questions? Your Dentist Can Help

Do you have a lot of pressing questions about how to best care for your smile? Does your computer or “smart phone” keep giving you a bunch of clashing answers or even advertisements for the latest whitening toothpaste or mouthwash? Your preventive dentist is actually one of your greatest sources of wisdom, when it comes… Read more »

Two Types of Seamless Smile Restorations

Two Forms of Seamless Smile Restoration

Have you grown concerned that you could be struggling with an undiagnosed dental problem? If so, have you delayed visiting the dentist to determine the cause of your sensitivity or other discomfort, because you are worried what the solution might mean for your smile. If you have outdated metal fillings or crowns, you might think… Read more »

It Might Be Time for a Dental Checkup: Part One

Is It time for Preventive Dentistry?

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how necessary dental checkups and cleanings really are? If you have been fortunate enough to enjoy great oral health up until now, you might think that you are simply blessed with great teeth and gums, and that preventive care may not be all that important to you. Unfortunately, this… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Healthy This Summer with These 5 Tips: Part Three

Keep Your Smile Healthy This Summer

As you head into summer, you are likely already planning precautions to protect your skin against harmful UV rays and your body from dehydration. What are you doing to care for your smile, though? You may already realize that preventive care is crucial to maintaining excellent oral health, but what does preventive care actually entail?… Read more »