High Quality General Dentistry That’s Worth Every Penny

Though Dr. James Fondriest is a skilled cosmetic dentist, he also provides high quality general dentistry. Each patient is important to him, so he spends time focusing on every detail of their dental health and chooses the most conservative dental treatment possible. He also makes patients feel welcomed, relaxed, and comfortable while they are in his office.

Dan’s Story

Below, Dan W.of Evanston, IL, describes his experience with general dentistry from Dr. Fondriest:

I have been a patient of Dr. Fondriest’s for the last few years … I came to Dr. Fondriest being disappointed with the last few general dentists I had visited. My previously implanted crowns were giving me problems ranging from difficulty flossing to an uneven bite. I could tell the quality of work was substandard. I was determined to find a new dentist doing high quality general dentistry.

Dr. Fondriest was highly recommended and immediately I could tell that I was in the hands of a man who knew what he was doing  … He is so meticulous when he works; you can feel his focus on the task at hand…

Worth the Price Tag

People who are the best in their fields deserve to get paid equal to their talents … Dr. Fondriest starts with the conservative options first. He doesn’t push services on patients; he just diagnoses what’s going on and tells you your options …  Peace of mind that your dentist is highly skilled and places your needs first is worth the investment. High quality general dentistry isn’t always easy to find.

A Comfortable Dental Practice

Dr. Fondriest cares about doing things right. He always seems to be running on time and I’ve never been in the waiting room with more than one other person … He creates an unstressed environment for his patients, his staff, and himself. Dr. Fondriest is always purposeful but never “in a hurry” … I actually feel relaxed entering and leaving his space … I actually feel lucky to be a part of such a well-run practice and believe the peace of mind I get from having the best dentist is worth a little more money.

(You can also read Dan’s full patient testimonial, along with rave reviews from more of Dr. Fondriest’s loyal patients.)

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