Collaborative cosmetic dentistry – Best way to great outcome

dentist patient partnership

Achieving your dream of a beautiful smile can be a daunting challenge to some. The challenge comes in picking the right cosmetic expert, making the right treatment choices, and most importantly, overcoming the emotional stress. Finding a dentist that will work with you makes things easier. Going through a collaborative cosmetic dentistry process is the most likely way to achieving your dream smile.

Dr. Fondriest will work with you, and a team of specialists, to ensure ultimate satisfaction with your beautiful new smile. We approach all cosmetic procedures with an emphasis on developing a working relationship with you. You become the author of your own unique vision for how you wish to feel about your smile.

collaborative cosmetic dentistry

This smile makeover was done with a great deal of patient involvement. She described in great detail how she wanted her crowns to look.

Collaborative cosmetic dentistry puts patient’s ideas first

Before any procedure is considered, Dr. Fondriest will sit down with you and thoroughly develop your cosmetic dentistry goals. He will conduct a full assessment of your circumstances by documenting the various aspects of your smile. This not only includes the teeth and gums, but your overall facial structure, as well. Many patients do not realize how much tooth and gum alteration can affect their overall appearance. Dr. Fondriest will seek to make this clear in order to develop a treatment plan based on a thorough understanding of expectations from both parties.

Collaborative cosmetic dentistry with local specialists

When doing cosmetic dentistry, ideally your dentist will work with you in developing a detailed treatment plan. You want the plan to match your desires and expectations. You also want any dental specialists involved with your treatment to be supervised by your dentist. Dental specialists are not always used to working in a collaborative way. Cosmetic dentists and prosthodontists are trained to play the quarterback or supervisor in the entire process.

One of our more popular services is dental implants. Dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth, preserving bone tissue and improving the look of your smile. The placement and restoration of dental implants is a highly collaborative process. Dr. Fondriest works with skilled local surgeons to best determine where to place the titanium implant into the jawbone. Both the surgeon and the doctor will take extreme care when determining placement. The surgeon will place the implant, and the implant will begin to integrate with the jawbone. This process takes a few months to complete. During this time, you may wear a temporary restoration. Once the integration is complete, Dr. Fondriest will place the permanent restoration.

Part of the collaborative cosmetic dentistry process is working with a world class ceramist

The key to creating beautiful, life like porcelain restorations rests in the hands of a world class ceramist. Dr. Fondriest works with one of the most renowned lab technicians in the United States. Matt Roberts, CDT opened CMR Dental Laboratory in 1979. From there, he works with a small, elite class of cosmetic dentists, including Dr. Fondriest. In order for porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges to blend seamlessly with your smile, the ceramist must match the natural luminescence and translucence of your natural teeth. Teeth have very complicated optical characteristics. The variations in color that make up tooth enamel are what contribute to their natural beauty. Through professional collaboration, Dr. Fondriest ensures your restorations reflect the same beauty of your natural teeth.

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