Love Your Smile More

Are you insecure about your smile, but worried cosmetic dentistry will take too long? Fixing imperfections in your smile doesn’t have to take forever. Porcelain veneers are a quick way to address many common complaints about teeth. If you’re frustrated by staining, chips, cracks, worn or jagged edges, disproportionally small teeth, or even gaps between them, porcelain veneers can correct them all. Best of all, modern veneers are custom-crafted to fit your unique smile, so that the resulting treatment is both natural-looking and beautiful.

Can Veneers Help You?

There are a number of benefits of porcelain veneers. For instance, modern veneers are incredibly thin, and require very little preparation of your natural teeth. This results in a natural-looking smile, while preserving your teeth’s health and strength.

  • In fact, we offer no-prep veneers, which are even thinner than their counterparts, and therefore require no reduction of your teeth’s enamel to create authentic-looking contours. This is a great option for patients who have healthy teeth, but who wish to make cosmetic improvements.
  • Perhaps best of all, dental porcelain is durable and stain-resistant, making it a long lasting treatment option. It’s able to cover stains, while still maintaining teeth’s natural sheen.
  • The veneers can usually be applied without any anesthesia, making the entire treatment minimally invasive.
  • Whether your issues are with the shape or size of your teeth themselves, or spacing issues between the teeth, veneers can correct them, leaving you with a beautiful smile you’ll be proud to show off.

About Your Lake Forest Cosmetic Dentist:

Aside from providing dependable family, general, and restorative dentistry services to our community, Dr. James Fondriest also holds respected academic appointments at the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, FL, and the Spear Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, and he is an adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics at the University of Florida Dental School. At Lake Forest Dental Arts, Dr. Fondriest combines his impressive array of experience with modern technology and caring, compassionate, knowledgeable staff, and we proudly serve patients from West Forest Lake, Kennedy, Lake Bluff, Skokie, Junction, and all surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at 847-234-0517.

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