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Beautiful smile

There are many benefits of a beautiful smile. Have you ever wondered why people feel happy around children? Yes, they are cute and energetic, but research indicates it’s for another reason entirely. It’s because they smile an average of 400 times a day. It’s true. The average adult only does it about 20 times a day. Of course, adults have more responsibilities than children, but, you can offset the stress of those responsibilities by smiling. Research indicates that smiling reduces stress, and stress can affect your dental health.  For people with beautiful teeth, it is easy to do.

People who are unhappy with their teeth are often embarrassed to smile which can lead to a lack of self confidence, and may negatively affect relationships and friendships. That includes getting ahead at work.

Scientific Facts About Smiling

The smile has been a topic of conversation throughout history. People have made assumptions about the smile that include: happy people are approachable and trustworthy, smiling is contagious, it makes a person more attractive, and it makes people happy. Scientific research has proven those assumptions true, and has also found that smiling can reduce stress. A smile triggers the brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.

  • Endorphins: The release of endorphins decreases the perception of pain, acts as a sedative, and triggers a natural high, similar to that of morphine but without the fear of addiction.
  • Serotonin: Serotonin is an ingredient in many anti-depressants because it is a mood lifter. Higher levels of serotonin in your system make you feel happy. Research has shown that serotonin is released when you smile, bringing about feelings of happiness.
  • Dopamine: Dopamine is released during pleasurable activities. When your dopamine levels are low you may feel depressed, unmotivated, and generally uninterested in life. When you smile, dopamine is released, increasing your feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Fighting stress

Stress increases the hormone cortisol which can negatively affect your mental and physical health.

  • Cortisol: Cortisol is referred to as “the stress hormone” and for good reason. Science has shown that elevated levels of cortisol can increase the risk of mental illness and depression, as well as negatively impact weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, memory, immune function, and the circulatory system.

Research studies on smiling show that it can generate positive feelings within, and decrease stress inducing hormones. Therefore your dental health is, once again, proven to be important to your overall health.

What Is A Beautiful Smile?

It’s common knowledge that straight, white teeth make a beautiful smile. As you age your teeth wear and your face droops displaying more of your lower teeth. Also, as your teeth wear they become shorter altering the tooth to gum ratio. This can result in a gummy smile. As you age your teeth become discolored due to food, beverages, tobacco, or medications that stain teeth. There are many cosmetic options to help you. Your dentist can improve an excess gum display and/or stained dentition including gum lift and tooth whitening.

Recent Study Connects Smiling to Professional Success

Are you looking to move up in your profession and finish projects more efficiently? You can smile your way to success. That’s right; with a good attitude and a great smile, you are more likely to make better decisions and think more abstractly. According to a recent study by two universities, smiling can help not only your social life but also improve your professional life. This may seem like a logical explanation considering it is human nature to be drawn to positive individuals. However, it may be difficult to frequently smile if you are embarrassed by your teeth. Dr. James Fondriest encourages you to seek personal and professional success by improving your grin. Porcelain veneers are one way we can have you looking better.

Smiling Affects Work Interaction

About 83 percent of people interact with co-workers on a daily basis. About 76 percent of employees interact with clients or customers. A friendly smile can leave a better first impression and lead to better relationships. For example, if your new clients like your smile, they’ll want to take more time to meet with you, creating more leads for potential sales. About 42 percent of people say the least attractive thing about their co-workers is “not smiling,” followed closely by foul breath. A straight fresh grin will make people want to spend time around your desk. Visit Dr. Fondriest to cover your flaws and keep your breath fresh.

Work Performance

Adults miss about 164 million hours of work each year for dental problems and treatments. When your tooth is constantly aching, you probably won’t be working as effectively. A healthy, beautiful smile will improve your confidence and your attitude, thereby improving your performance. If you are happy with your teeth, you’ll seem happier. This makes you look more optimistic and draws people in. Studies have shown that people who smile are more likely to be promoted.

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