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On television and in the movies, an ultra-bright “Hollywood-smile” is essential. Have you ever watched a favorite film on Netflix only to wonder if the editing made the teeth so perfect and gleaming? Digital movie magic can work plenty of wonders, but it cannot change smiles. Dental professionals play that role! And had it not been for one dentist’s use of glue and tooth-shaped laminates of porcelain, the standard for bright and beautiful smiles might not have been set quite so high. Dr. James Fondriest, discusses the placement of tooth covers or teeth covers and the treatment’s rise to prominence.

Hollywood history of Porcelain tooth covers

Amazing actors did not always have amazing teeth, especially in the time before braces and early dental intervention became mainstream. However, audiences wanted to see what they always crave: Actors who looked perfect, right down to their smiles. To give them what they wanted, entertainment industry professionals turned to dentistry. In the 1930s, dentist Charles Pincus introduced an excellent trick to temporarily enhance movie stars’ smiles. Pincus would take thin strips of tooth-shaped porcelain and glue them onto the not-so-perfect teeth of the Depression-era actors. This provided a quick fix for crooked, gapped smiles and satisfied the public’s desires.

Over the years, this process was perfected so that the teeth covers or veneers became much more than just a temporary fix. After all, who would want to give up a dream smile when they realized how beautiful it could look? Therefore, dental professionals worked to make laminates feel comfortable and have the translucence of natural tooth enamel. Now, dentists can achieve incredible results by recommending bonding or tooth covers to many patients. And the outcomes are lasting and attractive. In fact, thanks to their durability and their natural appearance, teeth covers are now the superstars of smile makeovers today.

Minimum-Preparation and No-Preparation Teeth Covers

Although Pincus’ quick-fix cosmetic veneers took very little time to attach, his early veneers were far from permanent solutions to imperfect teeth. Until recently, an extensive amount of natural tooth preparation (reduction of enamel) was necessary prior to affixing permanent porcelain laminates.

Now, technological advancements allow cosmetic dentists to attach porcelain to a tooth with minimal, if any, tooth preparation. Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Fondriest has teamed with world-renown ceramist Matt Roberts, CDT, to introduce the “Minimum-Preparation,” and “No-Preparation” veneer systems. Not sure about the difference between the types of teeth covers? Below is a quick explanation of each:

  • No-Preparation Covers: With the rise of ultra-thin and strong porcelain, veneers can often be added directly to a tooth with no preparation. Because they’re so very thin, they look natural, not bulky and fake.
  • Minimum-Preparation Veneers: With low-preparation or minimal-prep laminates, very little tooth reduction is required prior to affixing the porcelain shells.

With proper care, stain-resistant, custom-made porcelain laminates can endure decades and still look fabulous.

Not a movie star? You can still receive tooth covers.

Teeth veneers are surprisingly common today. You probably know people in your personal or work life who have them. When properly placed and artistically customized, porcelain covers blend in seamlessly with your smile. Only you will know your secret!

Dr. Fondriest can help you determine if you are a prime candidate to receive porcelain covers. In general, candidacy favors patients who present one or more of the following conditions:

Slightly crooked teeth:

Smiles that are only a bit crooked can be made to look straighter with minimum-preparation and no-prep porcelain covers.

Gaps between the teeth:

Have a gap between one or more of your front teeth? Cosmetic veneers can be created to close the gaps and give you a smile without wide divisions between teeth.

Discolored teeth:

Sometimes, teeth become stained or discolored and cannot be whitened, even with safe, professional teeth whitening treatments. In these cases, porcelain veneers may be used to cover the teeth and bring the smile back into balance.

Chipped or broken teeth:

Did a trauma years ago end in a chipped or broken tooth? As long as your natural tooth is structurally stable, you may be a candidate for porcelain veneers.

Large Decay:

All areas of decay must be repaired before or during the process of receiving cosmetic veneers. It is easy to change the appearance of teeth that have been significantly hurt by decay.

Crowded teeth:

Slight overlaps between teeth can also be addressed with the right types of veneers. In some cases, patients who thought they would need orthodontics can skip braces with placement of porcelain veneers.

Enjoy Star-Quality Advantages

If you have dreams of becoming a Hollywood star or social media influencer, or you simply want to feel more confident when you smile, consider laminates for all of their benefits. Proper placement of the porcelain covers can afford many advantages:

  • Improved self-esteem: When your smile earns you compliments all the time, you cannot help but feel a self-esteem boost.
  • Improved dental hygiene: After getting teeth covers, many patients become more invested in keeping their smile and gums as healthy.
  • Less reliance on orthodontics: Have you always worried that you would need to wait for braces to work to get a straight smile? Porcelain covers can help you fast-track your way to Hollywood level perfect pearly whites!
  • Improved diction: Patients accustomed to having gaps in their teeth may find certain sounds easier to say clearly.
  • Long-term results: When cared for as recommended, porcelain covers can last up to25 years before they need to be removed or replaced.
  • Frequently there is no drilling: If you choose no-prep covers, Dr. Fondriest will not have to make any major changes to your tooth enamel. This makes no-prep tooth covers a reversible treatment option.

Want to look like a star?

Do you want a more confident smile? Learn about your options in cosmetic dentistry Chicago. Call us if you have questions about tooth covers. Would you like to find out if you are a good candidate for them? Contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Fondriest. Call our office at 847-234-0517.

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