Choosing the color of your teeth

Choosing the color of your teethWhat is the Right Shade for Your Smile?

Choosing the color of your teeth is one of the most important parts of doing cosmetic dentistry. A bright, gorgeous smile can boost your confidence. Dr. James Fondriest understands what a beautiful smile means to our patients.  Which is why we offer state-of-the-art cosmetic dental procedures to transform your smile. Dr. Fondriest, explains the importance of proper shading for rejuvenating smiles.

The Importance of choosing the right color

We believe in offering minimally invasive cosmetic restorations using an artistic touch. Your dental work should complement your natural facial features, enhancing your appearance. A major component of our cosmetic work involves choosing the color of your new teeth. We want all of our dental procedures to blend seamlessly with your smile. Dr. Fondriest always strives to ensure your new dental restorations match your natural smile. During your initial consultation, Dr. Fondriest will perform a thorough oral examination and sit down with you to discuss your smile goals. Dr. Fondriest will then offer the cosmetic procedure that will best address your dental needs.

Popular Cosmetic Techniques

Many of our cosmetic procedures involve steps choosing the color of your new teeth, including:

  • Cosmetic Bonding: With cosmetic bonding, Dr. Fondriest can fill cavities and repair cracked or chipped teeth. Made of a special composite resin, cosmetic bonding is shaded to match your natural teeth. Dr. Fondriest simply applies several thin layers of resin to the teeth, and then sculpts the material as it cures.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are thin shells of special dental porcelain that Dr. Fondriest applies to the front of a patient’s teeth. Dental veneers are custom-made and shaded, masking stains, hiding misalignment, and repairing damaged teeth.
  • Porcelain Crowns: Crowns are caps that fit completely over an affected tooth. Using esthetically pleasing ceramic, our crowns look like natural teeth. Porcelain crowns protect and preserve your teeth, providing seamless smile repair.

Did your dentist so a good job choosing the color of your teeth

Learn more about the many cosmetic smile changes that can be made to your smile. When shade matching, the dentist doesn’t just pick your favorite color. Interested in a brighter, more beautiful smile? Get a second opinion with Dr. Fondriest today! We offer patients the latest in innovative restorative and cosmetic procedures. Call your Lake Forest cosmetic dentist at 847-234-0517. Our 60045 dentist office welcomes patients from Lake Forest and North Shore suburbs of Chicago.