Exercise Keeps Teeth Healthy

Did you know that exercise keeps you teeth healthy? Almost every physician shares two bits of advice with their patients: eat healthier and exercise more. Yet, were you aware that following this advice not only keeps your body healthy, it helps your teeth stay in top-notch shape, too.

Today, Dr. James Fondriest shares the health benefits of exercise, which applies to your smile and body alike.

Exercise Maintains Your Smile and Body Fit

Improved smiles.

Brushing and flossing is one the surest ways to ward off dental issues, such as, tooth decay and gum disease. However, exercising frequently is also beneficial for oral health. Just by exercising even one day a week, you decrease your risk of developing gum disease. For individuals who exercise three to five days a week, that risk is decreased by up-to 52%.

Fewer migraines.

If you have an issue with chronic migraines, we suggest hitting up the gym for 30 minutes to an hour per day. Its been proven that regular exercise is just as effective at reducing migraine symptoms as common migraine prevention medication.

Better vision.

While exercising won’t directly improve vision, it does lower the risk of worsening vision. In fact, studies have found that those who exercise frequently have a decreased risk of developing glaucoma, which is the main source of vision loss amongst many older adults.

Heal faster.

Oftentimes, older adults mention that healing changes as you age. This is sometimes due to a lack of exercise. Completing exercise on a regular basis allows your tissues to heal at a faster rate. This even includes tiny injuries, like, small cuts or scrapes.

Resist poor food cravings.

If you’re in mood to binge on cookies and ice cream, try working out instead. Researchers have found that those who exercise tend to have less food cravings. Additionally, exercising usually takes away your desire to eat.

Learn How Exercise Keeps Teeth Healthy

Exercise is great for maintaining both your overall and dental health in check. If you would like more tips and tricks to improve your oral health, talk to Dr. Fondriest. To schedule an appointment call us at (847) 234-0517. Also, visit our website for services, testimonials, and before-and-after gallery. Dr. Fondriest and his staff welcome patients from Chicago and surrounding cities.