Ceramic veneers to restore your smile

Ceramic veneers

Our tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. But unfortunately, our teeth are still vulnerable to damage and discoloration. While teeth are meant to withstand a lifetime of wear and tear, your smile can still lose its youthful luster. Many people assume restoring their smiles will require multiple office visits and innumerable procedures. Thankfully, a dental procedure exists that can completely transform your smile in as little as one or two visits. Ceramic veneers allow us, Dr. James Fondriest, to provide natural looking and long lasting smile repair. In today’s blog, Dr. Fondriest explains how dental veneers work and how you can rejuvenate your smile.

What are Ceramic veneers?

A ceramic veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that Dr. Fondriest will place on a patient’s front tooth. Using a powerful bonding agent, the veneers adhere to the surface of the tooth just like composite resin. With proper care, they can provide decades of smile repair. Veneers are stain resistant and the porcelain material reflects light in a similar manner as tooth enamel. These restorations look completely natural. Veneers address a number of dental imperfections, enabling Dr. Fondriest to:

  • Mask permanent stains
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • Lengthen worn down teeth
  • Correct the appearance of misalignment

ceramic veneers to restore your smileCosmetic Consultation

Interested in obtaining a gorgeous smile with dental veneers? The first step involves a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Fondriest. He will perform a thorough oral examination, and take special care to note your facial asymmetries, lip drape, and facial movements during speech. Dr. Fondriest can then decide whether ceramic veneers will provide the best choice for smile improvement. Dr. Fondriest believes in using smile design to ensure your dental work reflects your personality and blends seamlessly with your smile. We want your new veneers to be an extension of your natural smile. No one should know you have had dental work except you and Dr. Fondriest.

Restore Smiles with Ceramic veneers

Regular tooth covers require preparation of the tooth. Dr. Fondriest will remove a minuscule layer of tooth enamel in order to make room for the new veneers. An impression is then taken of your teeth. The impression will be used by an expert ceramist to craft your custom-made veneers. Once your veneers are ready, Dr. Fondriest will check the fit to ensure comfort and accuracy. After that, he will place your durable and esthetically pleasing ceramic veneers.

No-Prep Veneers

Unlike regular ceramic veneers, no-prep veneers require no loss of tooth structure. Using incredibly thin ceramic shells, Dr. Fondriest can attach the veneers to the tooth surfaces without removing any enamel. In many cases, no-prep veneers can be created and placed in one visit, saving our patients both time and money. Some patients prefer this route, as they receive many of the same benefits as porcelain veneers, but with a minimally invasive and less time consuming alternative.

Caring for Your Ceramic veneers

You should care for your dental veneers the same way you would care for your natural teeth. Always maintain proper dental habits, such as:

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing once a day
  • Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash

In addition to keeping your breath fresh, these steps also cleanse the mouth of harmful bacteria and food particles. Good hygiene aids in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. Also, be sure to attend your routine checkups and cleanings with Dr. Fondriest. The American Dental Association recommends patients receive a checkup and cleaning every six months. This allows Dr. Fondriest to check the status of your restorations and watch for potential signs of serious dental issues.

Are you considering ceramic veneers?

Do you have tooth stains or teeth damaged from injury or tooth decay? We provide smile restoration using porcelain and no-prep veneers. Patients have access to the latest in innovative restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to obtain healthy, beautiful smiles.

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