Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Daily oral hygiene habits are essential to warding off cavities, preventing gum disease, and eliminating bad breath. While most brushing and flossing instructions may seem elementary, as we grow older, we develop bad habits and sometimes forget the fundamentals of keeping our mouth clean and healthy. Dr. Fondriest offers some advice for avoiding oral hygiene mistakes and bad dental behaviors.

Skipping the Floss

Flossing is essential to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, many people skip flossing because they believe brushing is enough to remove plaque. While brushing is helpful to fix bad breath and removing some food particles, it cannot adequately dislodge all debris from the crevices in your teeth. Try flossing after you brush to discover the evidence of food particles left behind. Many of us are guilty of skipping the floss, but it is imperative to your oral health to start flossing daily. Remind yourself to floss by keeping the container out on the bathroom sink instead of hidden away in the cabinet or drawer.

Brushing Too Harshly

Some people believe brushing more vigorously will remove more surface stains from their teeth. The truth is brushing too hard can actually be bad for your oral health. Irritated by harsh strokes, your gum tissue can become damaged and recede from your teeth. Additionally, harsh brushing can erode your tooth’s shield against decay, your tooth enamel. Always use a soft bristled brush that is approved by the American Dental Association, and avoid natural toothbrushes made from boar bristle. These brushes will scratch your tooth’s enamel and weaken your smile’s defenses.

While your hygienist doesn’t want you to brush too aggressive with a toothbrush, she may encourage you to be aggressive with an interdental brush. These little brushes, sometimes called proxy brushes, do a great job of cleaning between your teeth.

Avoid Oral Hygiene Mistakes by Not Brushing Long Enough

Do not rush when you brush. Spend at least two minutes completing your oral hygiene routine. Some of us are guilty of multitasking during brushing. Preparing for the rest of the day or night with your free hand can distract you from brushing thoroughly and leave missed spots in your smile. Instead, focus on brushing every side of each tooth including the chewing surface, and start in a different place in your mouth every couple of days. Brushing in the same pattern may cause you to become lazy or rushed in some areas of the mouth.

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