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Does Your Parent Need to See the Dentist?

Do Your Parents Need Preventive Care

Most parents realize that their kids are in need of preventive dental care, in order to protect their young smiles from cavities and other common dental problems. But as kids themselves, of aging parents, they may not consider whether or not their parents’ smiles are getting the preventive care they need? Unfortunately, a recent study… Read more »

College Bound? Don’t Forget to Care for Your Smile

Tips for Caring for Your Smile in College

Young children aren’t the only ones heading back to school this fall. If you are a college student, you will likely soon be starting classes of your own. While many young adults find themselves on extremely tight budgets, during their collegiate years, that doesn’t mean that your dental health needs to suffer. Preventive dental care… Read more »

Four Ways to Help Care for Your Family’s Smiles This Summer: Part Four

Four Preventive Care Tips

Taking care of your family’s smiles should be important, regardless of the season. Unfortunately, during the summer months many people take vacation from more than just their jobs or school. They also become lax in their dental hygiene, due to hectic travel schedules, or simply a disregard for their normal routines. Many also miss out… Read more »

Four Ways to Help Care for Your Family’s Smiles This Summer: Part Two

Protect Your Smiles This Summer

Have you grown worried that your family will suffer from poor oral health, due to unhealthy diets or lax dental hygiene? If so, you probably want to help get your entire family’s oral health back on track, by teaching your kids good hygiene habits, and ensuring that each of you get the professional preventive dentistry… Read more »

Four Ways to Help Care for Your Family’s Smiles This Summer: Part One

Care for Your Family's Smiles This Summer

Ah, the unparalleled joy of summer! It is a great chance to spend a bit more time outdoors, and more importantly a lot more time relaxing as a family. Sadly, the excitement of vacations and pool time, grandparents’ visits and campfire fun, can sometimes lead to negative impacts on people’s smiles. From lax dental hygiene… Read more »

Feel Your Best by Fighting That Canker Sore

Ouch! Most Canker Sores Can Be Treated at Home

You have worked hard to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, through regular dental care and even professional teeth whitening! Unfortunately you don’t feel like showing it off much, when you have a canker sore. Many children and adults alike, struggle with canker sores. But knowing they are common won’t make you feel any better…. Read more »