Broken Tooth? Your Lake Forest, IL Dentist Can Repair it

A number of factors can cause a tooth to break. For example, eating something too hard or suffering with dental trauma can lead to a broken tooth. Regardless of the cause, though, a dentist can typically repair the tooth. To help his patients understand how a broken tooth is treated, Dr. James Fondriest, your Lake Forest, IL dentist shares this informative blog.

How is a Broken Tooth Corrected?

  • Cracks. When a tooth cracks, it occurs in one of two varying degrees: minor and severe. With a minor crack, the tooth is affected mostly on the biting surface. While these cracks don’t pose an immediate threat, leaving it untreated can cause it to worsen. To prevent the tooth from worsening, your Lake Forest, IL dentist typically places a crown. However, if the crack is rather small, a simple filling should suffice.
    A severe crack is one that travels from the chewing surface to the root. Yet, unlike with a
    broken tooth the pieces stay in tact. Should this occur, the dentist performs a root canal procedure followed by crown placement.
  • Severe break. As aforementioned, cracked teeth remain rooted in place—a broken tooth does not. When a tooth is broken, the area typically bleeds and the patients feels quite a bit of pain since the nerves have been affected. Just like with cracked teeth, though, the dentist performs a root canal procedure and completes it with a crown.
  • Decay-induced break. For patients who have untreated tooth decay, your tooth is prone to enduring decay-induced breakage. This occurs when tooth decay has compromised the structure of the tooth far too much. Then, the slightest of activities, such as, eating causes the tooth to break. Oftentimes, when that happens, the tooth is damaged and decayed beyond repair. The dentist may choose to extract the tooth and find an appropriate tooth replacement option instead.

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