Revolutionary No-Prep Veneers

When you think of porcelain veneers, you may imagine undergoing a long process during which tooth enamel is removed and a bulky new layer is added to your teeth. But if you have an issue with slightly crooked, poorly shaped, too small, or otherwise less-than-gorgeous teeth, no-prep and low-prep veneers are a wonderful way to improve the look of your smile without a lot of hassle.

The no-prep veneers that Dr. James Fondriest uses in his Lake Forest dental office are ultra-thin (as small as 0.2 mm in thickness), yet strong and durable. Dr. Fondriest’s No-Preparation Veneer system, developed alongside world-class ceramist Matt Roberts CDT, allow him to restore your smile with natural contours and with little to no enamel reduction. As thin as a contact lens, the veneers bond directly to healthy tooth enamel and complement your natural teeth.

Dr. Fondriest’s no-prep veneers are far superior in fit and esthetic outcome to the heavily marketed generic no preparation Lumineers because they are custom-made with multiple artistic layers of varying colors and translucency. Lumineers are single-colored and therefore not as natural-looking as Dr. Fondriest’s no-prep veneers.

The goal at Lake Forest Dental Arts is to create great smiles while staying true to the beauty and personality of each patient. (See thus example). Because Dr. Fondriest wants the best fit for your teeth, he will consult with you to determine if no-prep veneers are the right choice.

If you want to improve symmetry, alignment, and surface uniformity, veneers involving small amounts of tooth reduction (no-prep and low-prep veneers) are ideal. But hiding gaps or spaces between your teeth, or changing the brightness of your teeth will require more enamel reduction.

To learn more about the planning process for improving your smile, or for a consultation, call our office at 847.234.0517. Dr. Fondriest serves patients from the greater Chicago area, as well as the North Shore suburbs.

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