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Cavity Repair Gel?

cross-section illustration of dental cavity

If you have succumbed to cavities, then you are familiar with the process of getting them filled. Before filling the decayed tooth, your dentist will numb the area where the restoration will be placed. Your gums, teeth, and any surrounding tissue is also numbed. A hole is drilled, and the hollow tooth will now be… Read more »

How Decay Forms in Your Tooth

Of all the potential threats to your dental health, tooth decay is the most common. Caused by harmful oral bacteria and lingering food particles, decay is the reason behind cavities (or holes) forming in your teeth. The good news is that tooth decay is also highly preventable if you know what causes it and how… Read more »

Can Your Family Do More to Protect Your Teeth? Part One

Can Your Family Do More to Protect Your Teeth? Part One

No parent wants to find out that his or her children are suffering from pesky dental cavities. They can be uncomfortable or downright painful, and left unaddressed they can lead to painful tooth infections or even the need for extraction. Unfortunately, nearly 1/3 of school-aged children in America will struggle with dental decay, like cavities…. Read more »