Tooth colored fillings that match perfectly

Tooth colored fillings are popular because, as they’re name suggests, they blend in with teeth to remain completely discreet. Cavities are the most common dental health issue. Most patients appreciate being able to deal with them without having to deal with the metal appearance of traditional fillings. However, the benefits of bonding teeth go beyond how well they preserve your smile’s appearance. The composite resin used for the fillings also treat cavities and your natural tooth structure better.

Composite resin is the actual material used with dental bonding or a tooth colored restorations. Composite is a synthetic acrylic resin substance that can create the illusion of natural tooth structure.

Composite comes in many colors so that it can be seamlessly blended with your teeth. It is the most used material in dentistry to improve the beauty or health of your smile. As for the benefits of composite that make it so special, we invite you to consider the following:

Tooth Colored Fillings fill cavities better than metal

A cavity is a hole in your tooth that’s caused by tooth decay.  A filling’s purpose is to replace the decayed tooth structure. Compared to metal or gold fillings, composite resin conforms more precisely to the unique shape of your cavity.

They’re kinder to your tooth structure than other types of filling materials

Unlike silver fillings, tooth colored plastic fillings also retains its shape once it’s placed. It doesn’t expand or contract, which is the reason why some patients experience tooth damage due to amalgam fillings. The resin also produces less friction against the opposite tooth, reducing the risks of tooth sensitivity and tooth wear and the dental issues that can result from it. When choosing between a crown or a filling, a filling is usually more conservative.

Composite resin fillings are weak thermal conductors

You know from experience that metal heats up and cools off quickly depending on it surroundings. A metal car handle on a winter’s day will feel extremely cold. The same handle will feel very hot on a scorching summer afternoon. Fortunately, composite does not conduct heat or cold like metal. This means you will not need to worry about heightened cold sensitivity.

tooth colored filling materialA Tooth Colored Filling works on the outside of your tooth

Composite is not only used for repairing decay. It is frequently used to improve the outer appearance of your tooth. Resin can be applied to the affected area of the tooth to restore its full, healthy appearance. The dentist will shape it to replace any lost tooth structure from decay or fractures.

If your tooth is severely discolored, the resin can cover and mask the blemishes. This might mean a small cosmetic touch up or totally reshaping your smile with tooth bonding.

We Can Customize Your Composite Shade

One of the most exciting benefits of tooth colored filling material is the ability to customize and match the shade of your teeth your surrounding front teeth. This allows us to improve or repair your tooth, while restoring it beautifully. For instance, dental bonding will look beautiful and natural. In addition, tooth colored fillings will address your tooth decay, while leaving behind a cosmetically sound tooth that looks as though it never suffered a cavity.

A Dental Filling Provides a Fast and Seamless Solution

While metal fillings were once incredibly common, now many dentists and patients, alike, prefer the benefits of tooth colored dental fillings. Not only are tooth colored fillings more cosmetically appealing, but they have functional benefits as well. The filling procedures are very similar but using resin is more conservative. The dentist must still numb the area and remove the decay. Metal fillings require specific shapes for retention. Plastic fillings do not as they are bonded onto the tooth structure.

Composite resin material bonds well with teeth. This helps to create a tight seal against further decay and from infection. This material conducts less heat than metal. The low conductivity makes it a more comfortable choice for many patients.

Because resin requires less space than metal, more of the healthy tooth is preserved while treating a cavity. Finally, the tooth bonding resin can be shaded to match the teeth’s natural coloring, and then carefully sculpted to create a beautiful restoration that is also natural looking. This means that most people won’t recognize when a patient has had restorative dental work completed. Instead, they will simply see a gorgeous smile!

It’s A Safe Alternative to Metal

Have you ever received a metal filling? Many patients do not qualify for metal restorations for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, tooth colored fillings are safe for most of our patients, including the following:

  • Pregnant women, who do not quality for amalgam
  • Young children for whom the toxicity of mercury in metal restorations poses a potential threat
  • Metal allergy and those with metal sensitivities

Most insurance plans pay a portion of the cost.

Learn What a Tooth Colored Filling Can Do for You

Tooth colored fillings can do more for your smile than you may realize. They have the ability to blend in with your tooth’s appearance and conform precisely to your cavity’s shape. They also preserve your natural tooth structure. To learn more about cosmetic dental treatments, schedule a consultation by calling us at 847-234-0517. We also proudly provide dental care to residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.