Hidden Sugar in Foods You Eat

Why are we getting cavities? Spring is a minefield of sweets and candy. With Valentine’s Day, Easter, cotton candy at the carnivals, and that long awaited day when snow cone stands reopen for business, you may find yourself overindulging in springtime treats. Sugar is often cited as the worst offender for your dental health and the main cause of cavities. While candy is an obvious culprit, you may not be aware that sugar can be found in a variety of foods and drinks that we consume every day. Here are some foods and beverages to avoid this spring to keep your teeth healthy and sparkling.

Getting Cavities with White Bread

Fermentable carbohydrates include white breads, like bagels, croissants, French bread, biscuits, and crackers. The same process used to make the yeast rise in these breads, creates sugar in your mouth. Have you ever noticed when you bite into a sandwich made with white bread that it sticks to your teeth? This chemical reaction occurs when the bread mixes with your saliva creating, sugars and attracting acid formation. Acid wears away your tooth enamel and creates tooth decay. Drink plenty of water while you eat fermentable carbohydrates to wash down some of the sugar and balance the pH levels in your mouth.

Artificial Fruit Juice is Full of Sugar

A notorious oral health criminal, soft drinks are often the largest source of refined sugars in a child’s diet. Did you know that one can of cola contains about nine teaspoons of sugar? If you think substituting your child’s soft drink with an artificial fruit juice is beneficial, consider this: one 20 ounce bottle of Hawaiian Punch, a popular artificial fruit drink, contains 18 teaspoons of sugar. When buying juice for your family, check the label for the words “fruit juice cocktail”. This typically means there is little to no actual fruit juice in the drink but rather a mixture of fruit concentrate, artificial flavoring, and sugar. What a super source for getting cavities!

Chicago Dentist Protect Teeth From Cavities

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