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Prepless veneers

Research on the psychology of smiling shows the influence that your smile has on your professional, social, and romantic relationships. Do you hide your smile due to insecurities over the shape, size, color, or general appearance of your teeth? You could be perceived as insecure, reserved, or even unfriendly.

Dr. James Fondriest offers a revolutionary new smile solution known as prepless veneers. This is a very thin variety of porcelain veneers that can dramatically improve the look of your smile.

Ready to go smiles with a minimally invasive technique

prepless veneers before and after

This Chicago TV news anchor had heavy wear on her teeth. We did prepless veneers to restore the tooth enamel lost from bruxism.

Many people have smiles that are OK but certainly would not be considered attractive. You don’t have any serious stains or overlapping teeth. You can still realize dramatic changes in your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Under such circumstances, it is often possible to offer no-prep porcelain veneers. Both no-prep and prepless versions will give a dramatic makeover. However, they will not require the alteration of your natural tooth tissue.

Prepless porcelain veneers are a great option if you are about to celebrate a special event or anniversary. The porcelain shells can also deliver boosted self confidence if you have an important upcoming job interview.

What are Prepless Veneers?

When your dentist places traditional veneers, some enamel must be removed. This reduction makes room to allow the thin shells of porcelain to rest naturally along the gum line. Many patients feel uneasy about removing a large amount of enamel, especially if they have healthy teeth.

With minimum or prepless veneers, Dr. Fondriest will only remove a small amount of enamel reduction. This will be in two locations. A shallow receiving line will be placed underneath the gum line to prevent distant future staining at the margins. He will also soften sharp edges which lessens cracks in ceramics.

Prepless veneers are constructed of a new state of the art type of porcelain that remains strong even when very thin. Since little or no preparation is needed, prepless veneers are as conservative as dental bonding. The difference is that they have the translucency and durability of porcelain. The minimum prep style and the new porcelains offer extended life to these restorations. You can expect them to last 20 plus years. High quality veneers will last longer.

How Much Enamel Preparation Will My Teeth Require?

Dr. Fondriest will determine this on a case by case basis after considering several factors, including:

  • The strength of your existing enamel.
  • The color and general condition of your teeth.
  • If the teeth are significantly misaligned.
  • More reduction of healthy tooth enamel is needed if you have gaps between your teeth or gum recession. Ideally, patients with crooked teeth should have braces first.
Very thin veneers

Cosmetic dentistry is done using prepless veneers. They are made with extremely thin porcelain veneers. No natural tooth enamel was removed to do this beautiful smile.

How Do You Make The Dental Veneers Look So Real?

Some commercially available prepless veneers have one dimensional color and result in a flat, slightly off look. Our world-class ceramists create your prepless veneers by hand. They layer extremely thin layers of translucent porcelain over a supporting layer of stronger, but less transparent, porcelain. There is a detailed shaping, glazing, and staining process so that the veneers will mimic the look of your natural teeth. When the art project is complete, Dr. Fondriest will permanently bond your ultra thin veneers into place. Your custom smile makeover will be complete and you won’t have to sacrifice your natural tooth structure to achieve it.

Learn how we create beauty with our incredibly thin prepless veneers

As much an artist as a dentist, Dr. Fondriest and his team of skilled ceramists can create completely customized very thin veneers.  They can help make your smile look younger and more symmetrical. The final look of your smile depends on your specific goals and ideas about what a perfect smile looks like.

To learn more about how to improve your smile with Dr. Fondriest, please call our office. Dr. Fondriest proudly offers a patient centered treatment plan session that is very educational. High end smile design services for patients ensure outstanding results and great dental health for our patients.

Dr. Fondriest is a highly sought after cosmetic dentist. He serves clients from throughout the United States