Artistic Dentistry – Dental Design with an Artistic Focus

Artistic DentistryIf you were to think about excellent dental care, chances are you would think it was about the science of teeth, rather than any sort of art. And you would be correct, in that science knowledge and principals play a big part in caring for your teeth, oral structures and overall dental health. But there is another side to dentistry. Artistic dentistry brings the beauty that cosmetic procedures can bestow upon your smile. That is where the idea of artistic smile design enters the picture. When you ask a cosmetic dentist the question, “can you enhance my smile?”, the better ones do a full analysis called digital design.

Artistic dentistry

When you are happy and proud of your smile, it shines through. When you feel self-conscious of your smile, the lack of confidence can be evident. Your smile makes up a big part of your appearance. Because your smile makes up a big part of your appearance, you want it to retain it’s uniqueness and identity to you. Oftentimes, the thing that we find to be a flaw or an imperfection is what others find endearing and special about our smile. Artistic dentistry is when you and your dentist work together to create a plan cosmetically enhance your smile while also keeping the elements that make your smile special.

Working together to find your perfect smile

If you have cosmetic changes that you would like to make on your teeth, you and your dentist can make a plan to do so. Your dentist can walk you through the things that you dislike and the things that you do like about your smile. Once those are discussed, a plan can be formed. The plan may involve multiple treatments, such as bonding, veneers, a gum lift, contouring, and whitening.

A smile make-over does not have to be a cookie cutter

Because you and your dentist will have formulated a specific plan for what you want your smile to look like and the procedures that can be done, your new smile will come out unique to you. The changes can be big, like porcelain veneers, or small, like whitening. Either way, doing dentistry with an artistic flare will offer a smile that will make you feel more confident as well as a smile that you will recognize as your own.

Isn’t It Enough to Have Healthy Teeth?

Our smiles are with us every day. They are often our first greeting to a stranger, and they are a loving welcome to old friends. It is paramount that your teeth and gums stay healthy, and regular checkups and cleanings ensure your best oral health. But if you are unhappy with your smile, despite good oral health, you do not have to settle for a smile that is less that its best.

What If I’m Not Sure about the artistic dentistry process?

The vision for a beautiful smile is individual to you, and that is where artistic design comes in. Rather than cookie-cutter fixes, Dr. Fondriest and our team will talk with you, and help you envision a smile that is esthetically pleasing, yet never artificial or fake looking. We are experts in knowing which cosmetic procedures, whether used alone, or in concert with each other, can move you towards your goal.

May I See Samples of Artistic Smile Design?

You may scroll through many un-retouched photos of patients before and after, to see real life examples of improved smiles. All photos are clearly identified, whether they depict a single enhancement (such as porcelain veneers) or other types of cosmetic rejuvenation.

Esthetic Dentistry can enhance my smile

Whether you just need a cosmetic fix or you require restorative care, we practice artistic dentistry as a choice. With the extra effort that we put in toward making strategic plans with extremely thoughtful designs (through the practice of a truly comprehensive approach) we can ensure that the finished product of your smile care provides you with the following benefits:

  • The results will harmonize with the rest of your features
  • The results will appear natural
  • The results will appear seamless
  • The finished product will leave you with a beautiful smile

What Sets Artistic Dentistry Apart?

The artistic part of enhancing a smile involves custom-crafting a plan for smile enhancement from start to finish. This could mean outlining a few simple cosmetic procedures necessary to create a patient’s ideal smile, for instance a combination of professional teeth whitening and bonding to improve a few jagged edges. However it could include more extensive treatment depending on your smile’s needs. For example, some patients may be unhappy with the unevenness of their gums. This can require a gum lift which is more invasive than some cosmetic procedures, but that can provide dramatic results!

Added Benefits of Choosing an Artistic Dentistry

Another benefit of working with an artistic dentist is that he or she can help design your dream smile, then work with you and possibly other dental professionals to help you achieve it. For instance, if you need orthodontic treatment to fix severe issues with your teeth’s alignment prior to cosmetic enhancements, or periodontal work to address health concerns with your gums prior to using veneers to correct issues with your teeth, an artistic dentist can work alongside an orthodontist and periodontist to help ensure the entire course of dental work is aimed to achieve your desired outcome, a beautiful smile unique to you!

Artistic Smile Design Can Enhance A Troubled Smile

Achieve a gorgeous, completely natural looking smile with our team whether you require restorative care, cosmetic treatments, or both. Artistic dentistry at its best!

If your smile causes you concern, but you aren’t sure how to fix it, artistic smile design may hold the solution. Feel free to schedule a visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling us at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from the North Shore area of Chicago and the surrounding communities.

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