One of the Many Benefits of Smiling

What would you do to find the fountain of youth? These days, it seems like many people would do anything, including going under the knife, to shave a few years off of their appearance. One of the many benefits of smiling is that it will make you look younger instantly. So go ahead and smile!! It’s Mother Nature’s way of giving you a more youthful glow.

The Benefits of Smiling Proof is in the Research

A recent study published in Psychology and Aging followed 154 young, middle-aged, and older adults as they guessed the ages of 171 faces of young, middle-aged, and older men and women with various expressions portrayed in 2,052 photographs. The people in the photographs displayed a variety of facial expression, ranging from angry, fearful, and disgusted, to happy, beaming, and surprised.

The guesses of the ages of the people in the photographs by study participants shows just how strong of an impact facial expressions have on the accuracy of age estimates. The ages of individuals with neutral facial expressions were estimated most accurately, and it was more difficult for participants to accurately guess the ages of older people than younger people.

Still, the most revealing result of the study was how the participants judged the ages of the individuals smiling in their photographs. Participants consistently underestimated these peoples’ ages by an average of two years, which shows that a smile contributes to a younger overall appearance.

What does this mean?

These results mean that your smile is an invaluable asset for you. In general, people who display genuine, attractive smiles are more likely to be successful in the work place and in their personal lives, as well as be more self-confident and happier than people who hide their smiles. It’s only natural to want all of the perks of a great-looking smile, but what if your teeth are not in great shape? Achieving a better smile can come from simple bleaching to having complex prosthodontic dental treatment.

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