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Our practice specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry, and prosthodontic services such as minimally invasive dentistryporcelain crownsporcelain veneers, and dental implants.  Utilizing world class ceramists, the finest materials, and other highly respected medical and dental specialists, we provide high quality general care and artistic “smile design”. Most patients come to us with the goal to maintain or upgrade their level of dental health. If your goal is to improve the attactiveness of your smile, Dr. Fondriest will work in partnership with you to create a look that fits your goals and is truly reflective of nature and not perceived by others as artificial. For residents of Chicago north to Libertyville, Gurnee, and Grayslake, a cosmetic dentist with the experience and expertise necessary to transform or restore your smile is just a phone call away.

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Leading Chicago Area Dental Implant Center

We are a leading dental implant restoration center on Chicago’s north shore and we offer the most advanced surgical and restorative pre-planning available ensuring a quality result.  At a time when “short cut” or fast dental implant care is being mass marketed, we promise to not to skip the many important steps and details that allow for the longest lasting and most esthetic outcomes.  Please explore our dental implant information sections which offer post treatment photos and descriptions of the dental implant process from the pre-planning procedures, surgical placement phase, to final restorations. Detailed facts about the more attractive restorations that can be placed on top of your newly placed implant fixtures are included.

About Our Northshore Chicago Cosmetic Dentistry Practice

Dr. James Fondriest, the founder of Lake Forest Dental Arts, is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in the Midwest. He trains practitioners throughout the country on the art of aesthetic dentistry and prosthodontics and is frequently published in many of the leading journals of dentistry. Dr. Fondriest’s client base includes many top dentists who recognize his expertise and demonstrate the highest level of respect by sitting in his chair as a patient. The results for all clients are smiles that are natural, enduring, and individually designed.

The Art of Esthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry

While cosmetic dentistry is based in science, it also significantly expresses itself as an artistic discipline. In this regard, it shares similarities with plastic surgery. Each treatment or procedure that we do is designed specifically for you. As every individual’s vision of “beautiful” is different, each of the pictorial examples of procedures featured on this website has porcelain veneers and crowns with variations in brightness, contour, surface texture and translucency based on each patient’s preferences. Instead of a rubber stamp look, we strive to make all treatment solutions “uniquely your own”. Another artful aspect of cosmetic dentistry is achieving an esthetic goal with the least amount of invasiveness. Many practitioners with less training or experience will use a heavy hand when doing crowns and veneers; drilling away far more valuable tooth structure than necessary.  We at Lake Forest Dental arts strive to minimize our dental footprint utilizing the very conservative techniques of “No-preparation” or Low-preparation veneers.

A large portion of the close-up images on this site have been intentionally exposed from the side or at about 45 degrees. The reflections off of our restorations will allow the observer to better see the subtleties of detail that our ceramist partners put into our restorations, all in an attempt to truly recreate nature.

Our discriminating clients come from throughout the United States, seeking the comprehensive approach and expert treatment design talents offered by Dr. Fondriest. Some of these clients come to improve their smile appeal, others to restore their teeth to health and full comfortable function. Many come to our practice to have existing dentistry upgraded or redone.

A BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY SMILE is an essential component of wellness. Our smile says something about who we are and the life we are living. It is our smile that we offer to others. It communicates in every language on earth and invites people to trust, to care, to work for and with us.

For residents of Lake Forest, Gurnee, Deerfield, Highland Park, Grayslake, and Libertyville, IL, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and/or dental implants from Lake Forest Dental Arts may be what you need to restore your smile. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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