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Our practice focuses on general and cosmetic dentistry, and prosthodontic services.  We have built a reputation doing specialized versions of porcelain crownsporcelain veneers, dental implants and recently “Minimally Invasive Dentistry”. Utilizing world class ceramists, the finest materials, and other highly respected medical and dental specialists, we provide high quality general care and “Artistic smile design” (the smile planning process).

Most patients come to us with the goal to maintain or upgrade their level of oral health. If your goal is to improve your smile, Dr. Fondriest will work in partnership with you to create a look that fits your goals. Our goal is to create an outcome that truly reflects nature and not perceived by others as artificial.

Why Choose Us for your dental health needs?

Why would you consider driving up to Lake Forest? Most of our Chicago patients know that they need something more than what the corner dentist provides. Our practice specializes in treating more complicated dental problems and serving patients with higher aesthetic requirements.

Dr. Fondriest is nationally recognized for his experience, knowledge, and personalized care. In fact, photos of his prosthodontic treatment outcomes have attracted patients from all over the country. Always guided by an artistic approach, he can ensure that your smile looks great and reflects your unique natural beauty.

Dr. James Fondriest, the founder of Lake Forest Dental Arts, is one of the premier cosmetic authorities in the Midwest. He trains practitioners throughout the country on the art of cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics and frequently publishes in many of the leading journals of dentistry. Dr. Fondriest’s client list includes many other top dentists. They recognize his expertise and demonstrate the highest level of respect by sitting in his chair as a patient. The results for all clients are smiles that are natural, enduring, and individually designed.

What is a Cosmetic Dentist?

A doctor that focuses on the aesthetic aspects of dental treatment.  More attention is directed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile. Most of the public thinks of teeth whitening or bonding, but most cosmetic dentists in Chicago will provide many smile improvement treatments. At this time “Cosmetic Dentistry” is not a recognized specialty by the American Dental Association and there is no state specialty license for it.  This allows any dentist to call himself or herself a cosmetic expert.

Take time researching potential clinicians before you make a selection. You want to feel confident that you are offered the wisest treatment options and that you will achieve the best possible results.  It is important to ask for examples of the dentist’s work before you commit to any substantial cosmetic treatments.  It is in your best interest to visit the website and look closely at the before and after images they offer.  Make sure that the images aren’t purchased images done by other dentists.

Do all Dentists have an “Artistic Expertise”?

Beautiful work is hard to come by. Many general dentists will claim proficiency but only do a couple of small cases a year. There are many other criteria upon which you can evaluate a dentist. For some patients, it boils down to location and cost. Be careful when choosing the cheapest option. Dentistry delivered with high aesthetic standards is like fine artwork. It requires more skill and more time from the dentist and the dental laboratory to create. Cosmetic dental procedures done at this level will be more expensive than that done by an average general dentist.

We will work with you to find the best treatment options within your budget. Financing options are available.

The concept of “The Art of Aesthetics” in Cosmetic Dentistry

While aesthetic dentistry is based in science, it is also an art. In this regard, it is similar to plastic surgery. Each procedure that we do is designed for you. There is no such thing as a perfect smile or perfect teeth. Everyone’s vision of “beautiful” is different. The images in our before and after gallery show a wide variety of smile makeovers. The selection of color, shape, surface texture and translucency were all based on each patient’s preferences. Instead of a rubber stamp look, we strive to make all treatment solutions “uniquely your own”. In other words, you can have whatever you want!

Limited Use of the Drill | Conservative Dental Care

Another artful aspect of better quality dentistry is achieving an aesthetic goal with the least amount of drilling down tooth enamel. Many doctors with less training or experience will use a heavy hand when doing cosmetic procedures. They drill away far more valuable tooth structure than necessary.  We strive to minimize our dental footprint using the very conservative techniques of “Minimally Invasive Dentistry“.

Documenting and sharing our Dental Work

A large portion of the close-up images on this site have been exposed from the side on purpose. The reflections off of our restorations will allow the observer to better see the subtleties of detail that our ceramist partners put into our dental veneers. We hope that this shows our effort to truly recreate nature.

Crowns done by Chicago Cosmetic Dentist

This Chicago resident had done an in-depth internet search to find the best cosmetic dentist in Chicago. She interviewed many high profile doctors but chose to come to Dr. Fondriest. Two years earlier, she had been treated by a dentist who had a great reputation. She needed a significant amount of treatment to replace teeth that she lost in an accident. The dental crowns and implants that were placed looked artificial and lacked a real semblance to nature. Her desire to have it done well pushed her to drive up to Lake Forest to have her smile re-done. Click to enlarge her final smile.

A BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY SMILE is an essential part of wellness. Our smile says something about who we are and the life we are living. It is our smile that we offer to others. It communicates in every language on earth and invites people to trust, to care, to work for and with us.

Dr. Fondriest’s Mission

Our Mission is to provide compassionate treatment that truly meets your needs. Before starting any procedure, he will conduct a complete consultation. Of course, he will examine your teeth and gum health. He will also listen to your goals and concerns in detail.

Dr. Fondriest wants you to take an active role in making your treatment plan. He believes that the best results arise when the doctor and patient work together. Throughout the entire process, he will be caring, respectful, and discreet. Our mission is to be the “Best Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago”.

This Website Offers:

A wealth of information about general, cosmetic, and prosthodontic care options and high quality photographic before and after examples of the cosmetic dentistry that we provide or of those done by our service partners. We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves and look forward to providing you with quality, personalized care.

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